Alicia Liu is kinda’ hot (12 Photos)

These photos were sent to us by Alicia’s friend who explained that Alicia has had the full sex change procedure. Here at the CHIVE, it’s no secret, we love the trap. And as much as I’d love to say that Alicia is an ugly sea donkey, I think she’s actually quite striking. Just my opinion.

  • Hoang

    I still would tap that. What makes a girl a girl? Look and personality. She got the look and I bet she got the personality or..he. But still. I still bang that #7 got my eyes. XD

  • tsurugi

    she is just eye candy thats it. plus it is cut off. if i did not know when we did it and found out later it would be one the DL gitty lol

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  • Doug

    Hottest guy I've ever seen. Ex guy or not, I'd hit it.

  • farhan

    damnnnn I dont believe this .. OMG!!!

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  • Deepika


  • Beth

    Whoever performed that operation must be really really really good. Looking at "her" waist, it's very rare for a guy to have that shape. What's more fascinating to me isn't "her", it's whoever performed the procedure, because that is just too damn good of an end product.

    • Anonymous

      Photoshop still exists today…

  • Wolf

    Haven't read through ALL the comments, but other than you saying it's a dude, is there any proof to back that claim? (with all due respect)

    • Anonymous

      He/she just came out with it… Its in the news. She also got an ID that says she is a woman because of her sex change. Idk i still see her as a man. Goes to show that guys will bang anything.

  • Amber

    If you think anorexic aliens with fake tits are hott then yea she's a knockout!

  • Lavear

    Oh my God, so what? Now she/he is beautiful. It's his/her thing. I think you are one of those, who trust media so much. Please consider your own head…


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  • Someone

    Some of your comments are just plain ignorant and neanderthal. Transgender people do not undergo sex change. You cannot change your sex. You can change your genital structure and your gender presentation. Alicia seems to have done those. Secondly, transgender people do this not to have sex. They do this to feel right about their own bodies. It is their private medical health information which should not be treated as public laundry. Please let them just be.

  • Anonymous

    nigeria country abia state

  • John

    This is scary. I was wondering, if I encounter something like that in public…bring sheman home and had sex, and never know it’s a dude….. then finds out, I’ll be damn well piss.

  • al metcalf

    Bull — Unless a dude had a rib removed they cannot get their waist to look like a girls. That's the giveaway that this article is full of crap.

  • bill

    wow he or she.i will do her long time.

  • bill

    wow don't matter to me.i'll give her a shot.she is hot.

  • bill

    wow #6 is hot.if thats a guy.iam gay.

  • Always Last


  • faptastic

    fuck you…fuck you and fuck you too

  • 'berto

    She's hot. I see no other issues.

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