Alicia Liu is kinda’ hot (12 Photos)

These photos were sent to us by Alicia’s friend who explained that Alicia has had the full sex change procedure. Here at the CHIVE, it’s no secret, we love the trap. And as much as I’d love to say that Alicia is an ugly sea donkey, I think she’s actually quite striking. Just my opinion.

  • Apollos

    no way it was a dude! FFFFUUUUUUUUUU

    • fakefrank

      I call BS! No way is that a tranny!

      The only way it could be true is if she has been on hormones from before puberty, cause she has no male features. Hands are girl size, she has hips like a girl (allthough slim) , no Adams apple never grew beard in her life.

      If its the hormone case and the surgery was a success, then she will not only spread like a girl but demand and complain like one too, so dont feel bad if you wanted to when you saw the pictures.

      • adriana

        you're definitely harboring some suppressed homosexual feelings you chauvinistic piece of shit. do yourself a favor and go to your nearest dark corner, get a blow-job from the tranny hooker, and get over yourself.

        • A BiPolar Guy

          where the hell does the "suppressed gay" bit come from? because he said some misogynistic stuff ? that sort of remark is much more typical of guys than perhaps you know, but is normally confined to all male groups which this idiot may think the internet is. Of course women are known to say some nasty things about men when they are not around. Neither sex means it all the time or as seriously as all that at any time. (well sometimes…)
          Personally I can't stand al male groups for just this reason they become much less civilized. Then again my friends have alway been women. I really don't identify with my own gender much. Can't stand the average guy. I'd much rather be around women. make of that what you will, I don't care. I know who I am.

        • nemesis

          sexist comments for laughs on a Chive comments thread? whatever is the world coming to?

          *rolls eyes*

        • fakefrank

          wow, who has some issues around here? I am bisexual. was just noting that she is all woman using a known stereotype which you just nicely confirmed.

        • moe

          tits or get the fuck off

      • fishnomz

        a lot of asians (including myself) can't grow a beard to save our lives.

  • Fedd

    By the time I saw the last photo I was already sure, that this was a dude, and a trap nonetheless

    • Anon

      Suuuuure you were. Just admit it you were fooled.

      • top dog

        Well it fooled the shit outta me, thats for damn sure !!!!

  • Sanman

    Nooo Fawkin wayys… I was sold…

    • Gordon of Hesselink

      Emmm Kim Petras anybody? sort of the same thing

  • cpt. Awesome

    nope, didn't see that one coming…

    and I checked it again

    and I still didn't see it coming

    Damn, such a shame

  • craig

    Still would, all day every day……

    • pwill

      that comment made my day

    • Jack


  • quintus

    I was about to say that there was too much make-up on this girl and something was fishy, but I did not see that trap coming. Chive, you cheeky bastards.

  • 2bigithurts

    If there is the proper plumbing then play ball.

  • anarcrust

    Well, fuck.

  • @The_Scofield_

    So, that means that she's not good at making a sandwich? Then what's the point?

    • kaveman4130

      you da man.

    • Dave

      It's what WOMEN are supposed to do…that's the point.

  • tag

    I'm thinking hormone issues, or tons of plastic surgery because he/she doesn't have the obvious male features most of the "girls" on other posts have. like #6, what dude has a waist like that?

    • Diggler

      Better yet, what Asian chick would have a nice and trimmed bush like that?

    • Wayne Jackson

      However, look at the size of those paws!

    • Loretta

      asian dudes.

    • Lau

      Photoshop might have hips like that.

    • Ash

      Wrong, wrong, wrong, she started hormones before the age of 18 clearly which means @ puberty she would have developed as a female instead of a male, hips widened, tits, etc.
      That's why she looks so good.

      • Don_Aguelo

        I didn't see it coming either.
        I did noticed a lot of Photoshop makeup, but never ever thought she was a guy.
        Then, after reading the last pic and the obvious shock, I went back again and looked at this picture #6 …if you look veeery closely on the waist line… the shadowing colors seem a little suspicious… Also, notice how the pattern of the back wall disappears in that section?
        Then take a second look on #9 and look at her as a dude…. PWNED!


    thats just wrong ….but funnier than s#*t


  • David

    Hottest dude i've ever seen…am i gay now?

    • URDumb


      Next question.

  • Sugreev2001

    Damn Chive…you really played me this time.I was actually dumbfounded by the revelation.

  • Frank

    That's one hot dude.

  • Clous

    well chive…that was a bit mean

  • brent


    • ERN23

      I would bum her.

  • Da Sandman

    no way this is a dude.. way to feminine features…

    • NdP

      like tits. oh… wait.

  • john

    Today I learned I'm attracted to trans gender Asian women.

    Regardless of the former man-ness, she's prolly one of the hottest asians i've ever seen.

    i fear this is going to have a Nam-like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder effect on me…

    Thanks Chive

  • GTO

    I wonder if Intel knows about this/ will have it killed

  • Methoes

    you bastards!!! good show!! you got me.. and she's very stunning.

  • fnguest

    that's not right.

    • northerner

      Absolutely not right. So sad.

  • Kris

    Why is Taiwan the Transgender Capital? Is there something in the water there causing men to become women? Does it also make them attractive?

    Dudes as chicks should never look like this. I'd totally take a girl that looks like this home from a bar, and I'd probably have a mental breakdown if I tried having sex with it.


    • Lisa_Martin

      Kris, hate to tell ya this, but if she/he didn't tell you, chances are good you wouldn't know. You may have already taken one home. Sit & spin on that bottle for a while. :S Only bone I have to pick with her, is if you're going to have fake boobs, why go with a large B cup? Looks like she may have a padded bra to go bigger in some pics but still just a C at the most.

      • Kris

        I think I could tell the diff. Especially in the light. It can't look like a normal Vag, at all.

        even in the dark I think I could tell. They just turn the penis inside out during a sex change op, I thin it would feel totally diff. It doesn't Lubricate, it doesn't have vaginal walls that tense when stimulated, and I'm used to hitting the cervix which has a very distinct feel, if I went in a man/girl I think I wouldn't be able to go all the way because of this, and it definitely wouldn't feel the same

        thats at least my suspicion. I guess i'd actually have to lay a man/girl to know for sure. but is it knowing worth it?

        • URDumb

          "I'm used to hitting the cervix which has a very distinct feel,"

          I suppose you are trying to say you got a big one but take it from someone who knows you aren't supposed to be bangin the cervix. LMFAO

          Used to hitting the cervix? Man URdumb

          • Dooder

            Well I'm certainly hitting something back there!!!

            • Kris

              I'm with this guy. I definitely know what I'm hitting because

              A: I aced anatomy/physiology in my Biomedical Science Major

              and B: you know you don't have to be all that large to hit it? for most females it's only between 6-8 inches back there… if you're just a little above average, you'll hit it in the right position.

              so um, more accurately: "Man, YOU ARE dumb". kthx 🙂

    • Federal Chiver

      It wouldn't be a total loss; if I didn't get any satisfaction from tagging the fake vag, there's always the ass!

    • Cye

      Its Thailand not taiwan….

    • Ash

      1. Thailand is the Transgender Capital of the world. Ever earn the word Ladyboy? That's where it originated.
      2.. Her tits would be real, not likely fake.
      3.. They don't just inverse the penis, they used to but that method is generally no longer used. There are several different methods now, many of which you could not just "look" and be able to tell.

  • Vars

    Thanks for making me question my sexuality once again, chive.

  • rob

    1 word WTF nuff said

    • Lennart Christensen

      that's a shortening of 3 words 🙂

    • hamill

      thats 3 words technically. 1 abbreviation is what you mean.

  • Queue

    Had I done him without knowing it was a him and then found out, I probably wouldn't have felt too bad about it. Honestly, that's THE best sex change I've ever seen. S/he doesn't even have man hands.

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