An epic Etch A Sketch gallery always brings me a smile (18 Photos)

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  • mud


  • tippy6

    Yes, this takes a lot of talent and patience, but… what an incredible waste of time.

    • Etch-A-Sketch Artist

      Waste of time!? Oh come on! Sure, I just shake my Etch-a-Sketch after I draw a masterpiece … and sure anyone could take a picture of an empty Etch and photoshop anything on it … but that's not the point! The point is: go to bed with itchy bum, wake up with smelly fingers.

    • BigDingo

      Learn to succeed in the field of your choice through unwavering dedication and patience… or learn to draw toy story on an etch-a-sketch…

      I see your point sir.

  • Diana Santos

    like #16 ^_^

  • FuckOff

    how, how do people do that!?

    • jamie

      they use the force !

    • dagoat

      with an etch a sketch….dont you read?

  • Sizzle

    Imagine if people put this much effort into stuff that actually matters!

    Me though, I'm going to continue to sit around and play with my etch a sketch.


      Cure for cancer? psh fuck that i've got a thai hooker to draw on my etch-a-sketch.

  • FLHomesteader

    And to think… I always thought my stairs looked great in my Etch-a-Sketch

  • moeshere Foxdale

    I can't even draw stick fucking people…dam it..

  • mattythegooch

    Confirmed….l have no skills.

  • J Wolfe

    #7 looks like my morning dump after a night of drinking…….

    • Obama

      I think you meant to say, "Looking in the mirror, looks like my morning dump after a night of drinking……."

      • SKUDPUD

        nah i thik Wolfe got it right.

    • FuckOff

      Obama owned you haha

    • onlyChange

      Then you, sir, deserve a gallery of your own.

    • fuck obama

      That one should have a "Fail" tag……

      • Obama fists ur mom

        Well nice to see the Tea Baggers come out…where were you losers when Bush destroyed the country? Or the the last two years the R-tards have filibustering the the country to the brink of insanity? The Right and conservatives alike have no business here on the chive. Take your paranoid racist delusional asses somewhere else, ideally a nice bridge you can jump off of. The Chive is supposed to be a break from your bullshit. Thanks.

        Ps. Go fuck yourselves… Your fucking hereos are a bitch who quit her job, an alcoholic crybaby, and a drug addled radio host. Great job cocksuckers.

        • Tax much?

          You should try getting an education and talking a little less shit in your attemp to make a point.

          P.S. Your vote has actually put this country in a worse position than with the W. dickhead.

          • Obama fists ur mom

            I have an education, one I don't get from fox news. Yeah my vote managed to save the American auto industry, made health care available to everybody, stopped deregulation, helped stabilize an economy in fucking free fall and it even gave you douche bags gun rights back so go fuck yourself. You realize that under " W." the united states actually lost civil rights, started an illegal war and fucking committed war crimes? For someone who comes to the Chive and I'm assuming Brigade you should fucking be ashamed of your stupid ass and all who think like you for putting our not just our service men and women but every other American in this position. The problem with you cockless conservative douches is you have a fucking selective memory and refuse to look at what someone does right and only concentrate on what you have convinced yourselves they are doing wrong. Get your shit together douche bag, learn a little something so you can think for yourself instead of believing whatever Bubba the butt fucking nazi tells you to.

            PS. Youre a fucking cunt. Don't knock the President for having to clean up after you pieces of shit. You didn't knock Bush and Co when they took a fucking trillion dollar surplus and shit it away. Fuck I hate you guys.

            • What?

              Spoken like a true douchebag

              • Whats dad

                'What' doesnt like hearing the truth. Things like – this economy is a Republicans fault and that his mom is a fat cum guzzling road whore. Sad.

                • Dooper

                  Damn, you married a fat cum guzzling road whore? Sounds like your poltiical affiliation and the economy is the least of your worries.

            • Um, STFU

              You have no idea what you are talking about. Now get back to work at the abortion clinic you fucking ass-clown.

        • Lazaro Santos

          Obama has spent more money than all the Presidents from Washington to Reagan combined… And we're worse off than when he took office!

          Question: Since when is SPENDING MORE MONEY a solution to being broke?

          Good job of calling people names and cussing up a storm instead of talking about real issues. But that's typical of the left, so I don't know why I'm surprised.

          Great job, ass licker.

          • Obama fists ur mom

            So He's supposed to not spend money? Not buy the American auto industry to save it from being sold overseas…money he spent and has recovered and turned a fucking profit on mind you. Obama wasn't the one who started the fucking bonzai shipping of jobs overseas. It's simple business to know you have to invest to make money. The difference here is Obama is investing in America and Republican pukes invested overseas and on fucking imperialismOh, . And look hardly any cussing so your little pussy wont get all fucking beat up and abused by my harsh words. I wish I worked at an abortion clinic because the fucking red states and you twats would have gotten kicked in your fucking pregnant guts. You twats need to look at what he's spending money on vs. bitching about 'We broke, Black and brown man do it. Me hate 'em." Its sad that you idiots have no historical background to see how this is the same shit that happened in the thirties, here and in Germany…shit president fucks economy- blame minorities, blame the new guy and ignore everything you losers did to cause the problem, if that doesnt work- go to war. Youre all cocksuckers and fucking hypocrites.


            ps. Your moms are still fat whores as are your grandmothers and any women who contributed to said lineage.

            • Give it up

              You're right about one thing. Clinton opened the door for out-sourcing.

              • Obama fists ur mom

                I'm right about all kinds of shit cock eater. Add yourself to the list of fuckage. Thanks.

                • AJR

                  Anyone else get really depressed about the human race reading comments?

                • LooWho?

                  you know you have some really really good points, most I agree with, but then you say stuff like "cockeater" , "cocksucker" "fucking cunt" and "fuck you guys" and I gotta tell ya, you're bumming me out, yo. Furthermore, 'Obama fists ur mom'?????? Really? If anyone here is a steaming disgusting vinegar filled douchebag here, I'm sorry to say but even with your well educated ideologies and ability to see what is bringing our country down? That douchebag is you, dear OFUM. Go ahead and chalk me up on your list of fuckage…. I am ready to get laid.

            • Passafist

              You're gunna give yourself hemroids dude

  • Mikey WINS

    we all learned you can curve the sketch by simultaneously turning the vertical and horizontal knobs, and then BAM right as you're almost done with your perfect circle you forget which direction to turn…. SON OF A BITCH!

  • suck it obama

    #7 Fuck him!!!! I hope he chokes on a fucking chicken bone in 2011!!!!

    • Batman264

      Lets see you do better, read the newspaper, hes actually doing something, get off chive and go make a difference fuck ass

      • Oh, the humanity

        If by "something" you mean lowering Soc. Security (hope you have been saving precious metals) and raising Fed income tax then you are correct!

        • Obama fists ur mom

          Dude! You pukes are retarded, look who put a freeze on social security…it wasnt a democrat. Fuck man, I hate you R-tards so much. As for the fed tax…don't support wars that bankrupt economies if you don't want to pay for it. Afghanistan was right but Iraq wasn't, kiss a billion bucks a day goodbye. Fucking losers want to go to war for everything and then get pissed when you have to pay for it. This shit goes back to Reagan and Senior arming the same fucks we're fighting now. You guys are shit heels.

          • Obama fists ur mom

            Where was you bitching when the fucking republicans and tea baggers held America hostage just so they could get those tax breaks on the rich? You want to bitch about the leaves on the tree when you cocksuckers are the root of the problem. You have a fucking blame d'em attitude and are doing nothing to help. Get back to your trailer.

            • Grant

              Um, Obama just lowered Social Security and raised Federal income tax. BUT he only told the American people about lowering Soc. Sec. Give with one hand and take with another. Typical socialism.

            • aosux

              Man, you are bummin the mood with your hostile ranting. STFU

        • Texas Hater.

          You're just mad nobody did one of dubya..oh wait a minute, yes they did!! #18.

      • Obama is a skidmark

        Yea, he's done a lot…

        More vacations in two years than I've had in the last fifteen.
        More rounds of golf in the last six months than I've had in the last six years!

        Amazing! Let's vote for this guy again…

        Or maybe we should just take all of our money and flush it down a toilet, since that's what he's doing anyways.

        He's an afro-centric piece of garbage.

        • Batman264

          Hey skidmark, just because you can't afford a vacation or a round of golf doesnt give you the right to blame the president, are you gonna blame him too because you cant get it up for your blow up doll anymore :O <—-look familiar…..Republicans are the biggest dumbasses out there, Sarah Palin would have done a better job im sure, wasting millions of dollars for hair and make up just to look "smart" in front of the ppl, like the other guy said: "Get back to your trailer" and go shit in your hand redneck…

        • Obama fists ur mom

          Again you and your fucking selective fucking memory- George Bush- the most vacation time of ANY president in the history of the united states- nearly a third of his term. Look it up douche bag.

          • Sal

            The vaca argument is a moot point since the President is still the "President" regardless where he is. Obama isn't too far behind bush either.

            • cantkillcastro

              meh, you can't argue politics with people who are entrenched in ideology. This is the internet, trolls can feel like they win by insulting and writing huge posts, because most of the rest of us have better shit to do than troll… like work.

    • Don_Aguelo

      Who fucking cares?
      If I would've wanted to read nonsense crap about American politics, I would've gone to CNN and then killed my self for being such an ass.

  • Guest

    I call BS on the Mona Lisa and Starry Night.

  • Semper

    Big Daddies FTW #6

  • aosux

    Thats nothing, check this out…. ( . )( . )

  • BloodScrubber

    Now you see it….now you don't. Art.

  • rawnoyz

    this dont make me smile, this shit makes me jealous! how the hell do you draw on a fuccin etch a sketch!?

  • Oh so Curious

    you can actually open it up and remove something in the back of the etch a sketch so the drawing doesnt erase when it shakes.

  • Cqcumber

    im still shaking my head from the alicia liu photo post….

  • anonib

    how did they do the shading? Ive only been able to do one type of line while using the etch-it-sketch

  • toastymoe


  • derp

    There are actual Machines that do this for you.. Google it bro.

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