• Ivan

    Do you want a birthday present? Do you want to go to college? Will you live with us after 18? Cccc, parents, this is an opportunity to have 'No' to these questions on camera 🙂

  • Jack




    • Vince

      more like turd

  • sarah

    I lOVE THE BABY!!! ❤ look at the wittle pink cheeks and doe eyes!

    • jeff

      let me guess you got knocked up at 18 and now reliving your youth on thechive. you suck. take these damn aborted kids off the chive and stick to theberry.

      • tictac

        And your mother done the biggest mistake in her have you!

        • Sarah

          you have mommy issues don't you?

      • Penelope

        Jesus Christ dude…way to be an ass.

      • Sarah

        LOL. the chive is probably the only place you get to see women upclose, so i can understand your hateful frustration. This post must be v.hard on you…"IT CUDA BIN BOOBZ!"

  • Sarah

    HER* name is charlotte

  • jeff

    babies are fking lame. why are we posting sh*t like this?

    • Irock

      jeff needs to get laid.

    • cantkillcastro

      because in 18 years this baby will have tits I guess? Hell, I dunno.

  • Mike Engler

    what a cute kid! lol

  • Penelope


  • Anon

    one of the babies first word is usually no

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