Motivational Monday (20 Photos)

  • charlie

    i start classes today….

  • Lolworthington

    Internet…. Porn?
    😀 gasp

  • St.Christopher

    lame post

    • Jaroff

      Do better.

  • BigDingo

    Old Pics:
    When editors are too lazy to find new material or even recaption 5 year old photos.

  • Guz

    Saved by the Larp boobs.

  • Locode

    #7 isn't a bad job, but I remember one from a few years ago that was in charge of tweaking J.Lo's nipples for her video. That seems like a better job.

    • qwerty

      JLO is ugly. Katy Perry FTW bitch!

      • Its-a me, Mario

        but the bad part is that he doesnt seem to enjoy it much….proof that every job can get old, or that at least they hire gay men to adjust hot girls boobs.

      • Pani Booyah


    • CalculatedRisk

      Their actual job title is a 'tweaker'. I run a limo business, and have had to do it on a few occasions for model clients (when their tweakers aren't on shift).

      It's a hard life, but somebody's gotta live it 🙂

      • Its-a me, Mario

        You forgot to say 'True story, honest'

        This is the internet, we arent stupid on purpose.

  • Lola

    Challenge Accepted.

  • markuskoppel

    No mater how many times I see #20. It always makes me laugh! 😀

  • Phondo

    Chive's new years resolution: Be as lame as we want as long as we feed them boobs on a regular basis.

    • metalcool36

      Their plan is working…

  • metalcool36

    #4 I'll be there!

  • Dan

    #12, Fuck it apparently you're too lazy to spell too correctly.

  • Bob

    #7 is a great job, Katy is so dirty she'd enjoy it too.

    • Jimbo

      you're an idiot.

  • lanceuppercut

    ugh we're still doing these? I request that if your gonna throw together a bunch of already used photos make them photos of chicks at least

  • Diana Santos

    #12 looooool

  • Catence

    #13 makes me laugh every time. haha

  • Nick Armes

    Holy fucking reposts!

    If you're going to steal, steal some good ones.

  • hamill

    is it just me of does the drawing board in number 4 sayin "Operation Sudden Fail" ?

    • Bonerdalf

      I think it says "Operation Sudden Fall" but what you said is good. Would have also accepted "Operation Buffet Fail" as it applies to the hydration guy

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