Nothing like future lower back problems to get you through Monday (30 Photos)

  • suckit


    • thomas

      you want a cookie?

    • midwestdouchebag


  • Nope

    Some of these girls are just NO

    • DaddyD

      Yeah, Mother Nature often seems to balance things out … big boobs are provided as a balance to ugly faces.

      Thankfully, there are exceptions … like #27

      • A BiPolar Guy

        ugly? not your personal ideal maybe, not the prettiest woman on earth, maybe, but by god man, ugly? your standards are way, way to high. I imagine you are single and living in your parent,s basement.

  • Ben

    #16 Holy hell!

    • anonymus

      jordan carver (thanks tineye)

    • preincarnate

      What is her name? I would do unspeakable things to her.

  • silverafox

    #10 #17 #25 nice, rest are wtf a little to much like on # 16

  • jim

    nothing like future lower back problems @ 1am

  • DanielB

    #26 Wai the long face?

    • Pani Booyah


      • luke

        Jamie Hammer

    • TheDarkKnight

      Jaime Hammer .. or as I call her The Shetland

      Short as all hell, horse faced and a complete twit/bitch

    • randyjackson

      she'd better come with a lightswitch or a brown paper…don't think i could look at that face and keep my wood

  • Rabbit

    who's #21? #25 = Emily Scott, the best

    • uberbrie

      Jordan Carver…this was an entire Gallery on her last week…where have you been?

    • Chris

      Jordan Carver, Germany's answer to Denise Milani…. and they are real.

    • Lou

      You sure 21 isn't Lucy Pinder

      • cudna

        Yes thars not lucy pinder..

  • Sanman

    #2 #10 I luv busty asian gals! Rare breed…

    • Its-a me, Mario

      and yet here are 2 busty Asians….

      but sure, lets say American Asians with nice tits are hard to find….

    • Adam

      With you 100%

  • BigDingo

    Strangely enough… this post helps me forget about my current lower back pain.

    • BigDingo

      Especially #24

  • val

    way to start the first workday of the year!

  • big_hairy_si

    Kinda liking #20

    • omg

      kinda licking #20

  • googboog

    happy new year, chivers!! 🙂

  • waryee

    #27 ftw

    • MaggotMouth

      It's Tiffany Ryan.

    • lol

      She would like nice sitting on my cock.:)

  • Bill

    Not to divert the attention, but the eyes on #10 and #17!!!

    • Benjamin Dennison

      They have eyes?

  • alex

    #20 #24

    instant chub

  • ClariseStarling

    #11, #12, and #17 — for the awesome!

  • Ron

    Uh oh! Chive is getting a little desperate for "lower back problem" women.

    Cases in point #20, #23, #24, #26. 20 and 24 are simply wearing bikinis that are too small for them, 23 doesn't even qualify and 26 isn't that big, just showing some underboob is all.

    • mtella88

      but they are still sexy as hell!

      • Ron

        I'm not disputing that at all. They are all pretty sexy.

  • Angelo

    #8 for me, please.

    • SDA


  • Guz

    The only way she'll have future lower back problems is if she lifts boxes without bending her knees.
    Oh my lord!!

  • Kai

    # 19 caught a keeper

  • [clevernamehere]


    I would give it all up for you. Just say the word.

  • nemesis

    #21 is well hung

  • Steve

    Run and hide!!!
    Some seriously ugly girls here…..

  • Chase

    #16 Dear God, Thank You and your magic!!! Signed EVERY MAN ALIVE

    • preincarnate

      What is her name? She's beyond amazing

  • Chase

    In #9 I would like to believe that the photographer said, "Look Hot." And she was thinking, "But………I am Hot"

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