Chicks. Camera. Mirror. (20 Photos)

  • gutterville

    #13 IS THE BEST

    • caMr

      She looks exactly like a girl in my class.. I wouldn't be surprised if this is her actually. and yes she sure is a hotty

  • Kris

    #12 good god. I would rock that body.

  • brent

    tons of hotness in here!

  • GTO

    #5 great gap

  • jtatman

    I think everyone else has noticed to… HOLY SHIT PLEASE FIND THIS CHICK!!!! #15 MOAR!!!!!

  • jtatman

    #19 too… She is fantastic looking, but #15 still takes my breath away.

  • BaJezzus

    I'm thinkin' #4 is jailbait, but if not…MOAR and FIND HER!!

    Also #14 has every right to be smiling that big. 1. awesome smile and 2. awesome everything else FIND HER CHIVE!!!

    And lo! On one day of the week God created mirrors. And He smiled as they were good. And on another day God created cell phones with cameras in them. And He smiled as they too were good. And on a Thursday God inspired Man to create The Chive, so that woman of the world could picture themselves, in albeit ungodly poses and varying levels of clothing, and post them on The Chive. And God and Man both saw that it was good. Then they shared a cold beer together.

    • bueno nono


  • Matt

    #12 #17

    She is Smokin Hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 2010

    This is really getting old. It's a new year, time for new ideas.

  • Kevin

    #12 #17 more please

  • jack

    #15 wins!! nothing beats girls so vain!

  • jamesmay

    find #5 and #12 please

  • Beth

    underage skanks. camera. mirror.
    i think that's what you meant.

  • Anonymous

    #17 #12 MOAR

  • anon

    #2 #11

    Normal girls are sooooo much better! MOAR Please!!!

  • Jusnel Gonzalez

    #5 #9 #10 #11 – MOAR!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gareth

    #5 #7 #13

    I am Gareth, and I approve these girls.

  • @Teitn

    #5 Please find her. Really!

  • @Teitn

    #15 Find her too. She deserves a unique hump/post day whatevver, anything.

  • Dougie

    Dear lord… please find #5!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rob

    Oh dear god! #11 Is amazing!

  • William

    Tell #1 to get rid of the duckface then get MOAR

  • SCF

    Narcissism much?

  • JWAA

    Find #2!!!

  • duderino

    i dont wanna be a buzzkill but over half the girls in this are underage. ha good thing im still 17 🙂

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