Chicks. Camera. Mirror. (20 Photos)

  • Chivemaster

    #11 is quite possibly the hottest outfit I've ever seen.

  • Guest01

    #5 Help me google her

  • kyle

    #15 What a booty!

  • cantkillcastro

    #11 FOCUS!!! FOCUS!!! or clean the mirror or something!

  • Cody

    #12 and #17 are awesome!!!

  • ngomes12

    #5 #17 woow

  • do it

    i love bitches!!!

  • angel

    stop whatever chive your doing and find #15 NOW!

  • Anon

    All horniness aside, I think that it is profoundly sad, and pathetic that all over this world, there are bored, dumb (clearly) girls with nothing better to do than take pics of themselves for dude to pound it to online, when they could just be banging and taping it, instead. Like real women.

  • Yougotthatright

    "I don't want to bang you because you're a loser…
    but I'll take my picture with barely any clothing on, so you can whack it to me online, instead."
    Yeah, who's the loser now…jesus girls are stupid.

  • Tomasz Zee Buratynski


  • @The_Scofield_


  • RicoSan80

    #5 and #15 Can I have some MOAR? (Droppin some Oliver Twist on yo ass!)

  • MJ123

    Girl number 15 is underage, HUGE news story 2 months ago about her going around to self shot websites and suing everyone using the photo to take it down

  • Bryan

    The girl on the left of #7. Find her?

  • ohiomike123

    Please find #18 and #19.

  • Padgo

    #5 please dear lord (ie chive) find her, shes always on the FB ads of "singles in your area" etc.

    make me believe in jesus again.

  • Mark

    #15 = epic ass

  • ElsaElsa

    #12 and #17 Find her….. and give her a lip waxing

  • Careverga

    #3 FTW

  • Careverga

    #15… YUMMMMMMMMMMM… Find her?

  • corey

    #12 #17 get over yourself not impressed

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  • Aerome

    Moar! #12 #17 Find her please!

  • 89gloomis

    Number 14, find her for more photos.

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