Daily Afternoon Randomness (42 Photos)

  • Nice

    wee need more of #11 so very hot

  • Ian

    Great idea….#26

    Very NIce

  • digitL

    #40: is that the general lafayette inn?

  • http://twitter.com/Rich_Rodrigues @Rich_Rodrigues


    ….oh…and more of #28 in general (redheaded freckles) and find #25

    • Meh

      #25 is 15 years old. But hey, if hebephilia floats your boat.

    • Random Norwegian

      Dude, blonde girl from #14 and blonde girl from #25 is the same girl.

  • Arvzky

    Dear Chive

    I've been going to your site everyday for 2 years now and have even sent a few pictures to share with everybody. I've seen a ton of hilarious pics, flame wars on the comments and beautiful ladies get posted on your site since that time but I've always left the comments section alone because I thought I could never ask you guys for anything more than the joy that you give me everyday with your constant update of amazing content. But please Chive, if you do me this one favor I will be indebted to you forever. Please, please find the girl on #35, she might just be the cutest person I've ever seen. Thank you in advance Chive and may you continue being awesome. Chive on!

  • happy jac

    number 10 please…mmmhmm

  • Maynard B

    will somebody please get Pam Anderson a bag for her face?…..having said that,
    #42- Booyah to Erin, you've got to be one of the sexiest women I've ever set eyes on. You're so beautiful it HURTS. Congrats to you darling! (oh, are you gonna be posting more pics? please please)

  • Anon

    #2 WTF?
    Sorry for not being one of those lame internet guys impressed because 'it's a girl! She has boobs!' internet douch-fucks who gets hard at there mere sight of a female. Dated much better looking women. Find something more suitable to impress me with.

    • chrisdg74


  • gonow

    #35 Please find!!!

  • AtomManhattan

    Seriously man-ish waist-to-hips ratio. Disgusting.
    This is how a woman's waist/hips SHOULD look.
    That, I can work with.
    …and #10…still hot as @#%&.
    Ass Effect indeed.

  • MuK

    Nina Dobrev is Bulgarian, not Canadian !!!!!!!!!!

  • MuK

    Nina Dobrev is Bulgarian, not Canadian !!!!!!!!!

  • okawesome

    As a dedicated chivette (who is not above appreciating a pretty lil thing) I have to say I'm thrilled to see #11 on the chive FINALLY (haters be damned) as she is my 3rd favorite POA out there. #2 is the lovely Mila Kunis featured today and #1 is…Miranda Kerr. She makes me want to turn lesbo for a day. Anyway, just thought that info might be helpful if you ever want to put together a "ladies choice gallery" 😉

    • okawesome

      yeah…oops on including grocery bag chick and powerline dude in my previous post. Takes away from nina a bit but hopefully you got my gist…

  • Zombieman


    "It feels sooooooooo good to be undead."

  • BeardManly

    10- I love mass effect

  • dean

    so why #32 on here?
    not offensive or anything but def not worth it to feed an attention whore.

    and wth, how did #42 win? she's cute but come on, since when does a padded/push up bra win you hot chick contests? again, not ugly, but chivette of the year? yeesh, I guess the majority of people on here like the more 'attainable' look.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHath NoFury

      Never said I was beautiful, but not every girl is worth only what her body can give. Wake the fuck up and meet some girls worth talking to.

      • raunchy

        'cause god knows i'm supposed to see the inner beauty of and value a chicks' personality through her picture, amirite?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001652244461 Tomasz Zee Buratynski

    #16 Beautiful, simply beautiful.

  • Rain

    Twins i would never ever hit.
    Who in the hell thinks that that makeup is HOT by any stretch of the imagination?

  • http://pinheadlounge.com/Twitchy Kasey

    #13..My year just kicked off perfect haha

  • Frankie

    #10 find… her

  • Orange Crush

    I guess I don't read comments enough because I give less than an eighth of a fuck, but this HHNF person seems to be kind of a big deal around here judging from the comments? Based solely on the comments here, I don't get why people are ragging on her, but her whiteknights seem like faggots.

    Also, it's funny you got that shirt in Hawaii. I live here and it seems like a strange thing for you to leave with. A fucking flannel shirt.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHath NoFury

      It was bought for me, haha! I don't own any others, so it was kind of, as someone else said, a requirement for me to have one coming back to Washington so they didn't think I was an intruder. it just wasn't right until it smelled like pine trees. Even the drug-sniffing dogs at the airport looked at me funny, but maybe it was just face-recognition…

  • FullBlownStoned

    #12… Pure win. And its actually true.

  • Rightclicksaveas

    #8 i watched Easy A last night and was thinking the same thing

  • pleh

    #25 is 15 years old

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1004166527 Michael Malone

    Im pullin for you Willow!! I mean that….IM REALLLLY Pullin to you. "FOR" YOU! I ment for you. #41

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