Meet #5 and #7 from yesterday’s ‘Find Her’ (18 Photos)

Yesterday, girls above were featured in our 'Find Her' gallery here. The first girl (#7) is Trisha Lynn from Plymouth, MN. Trisha is just now getting the recognition she deserves after being a professional car model for a couple years.
Now for the blonde (#5). Apparently, her name is Alex, a 19 year-old girl from San Francisco. A friend of hers sent us these photos today. You'll recognize a couple photos in that gallery because they've gone rather viral around the net this year. Enjoy...

Some of Trisha’s amazing photos credit: Keith Selle

  • barclay


    • its_forge

      Some curvature is normal.

    • random 1

      making daddy proud.

  • Papichulo


    • GTO

      nice gap

    • erick

      look at that GAP __-__

  • Sauru

    holy shit trisha is hot as hell. #9 is just amazing

  • Catch


  • joeybeadz

    now #16 show us what u would do to that

    • Its-a me, Mario

      I'd say eat it…….but yes – lets build the suspense

    • bueno nono

      Why joeybeadz? What do you usually do with a banana?

  • yard line

    Together, they make a mean sandwich.

    #9 #15

  • Brad

    I'm usually not that into asian girls but this one is super hot…

    • draB

      I'm usually not inot asian girls and this one is no exception…

      • draB


  • effemel

    #13 #18 wow, just wow

  • the truth

    It is nice to meet you girls… and the pleasure is all mine.

    • Clever guy

      selfish asshole…. Ladies I would give YOU most of the pleasure.

  • jabroni

    Thumbs for the regular girl!………………>

  • TCB12

    Alex FTW!!

  • deh

    wow !
    Alex is amazingly sexy !!!

  • Bob

    #2 is how all sexy girls should dress

  • FuckOff

    #8 There is just something about a great ass in full fishnets. yum yum yum!

  • Rightclicksaveas

    #12 was my my background for at least 2 months and now i have a name …o well i will still call her "pockets"

  • Heyooo

    Jesus only 19. Love it

  • Annon

    The blond has had her picture on a number of porno sites.

  • Sahmot

    the blond one is called Mara Stibelli, she's a girl from Luxembourg, I've seen her last month in a party!/profile.php?i

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #12 what up girlfriend hehe…

  • Patrick

    #16 FTW

  • Tom


  • ALM

    Trisha wins.

  • yeehaw

    both are way too skinny and should eat a big mac.

  • Urban

    #10 Great smile girl. You're beautiful.

  • MJoker

    #8 wow! so many things i want to do to this chick! 🙂

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