Meet #5 and #7 from yesterday’s ‘Find Her’ (18 Photos)

Yesterday, girls above were featured in our 'Find Her' gallery here. The first girl (#7) is Trisha Lynn from Plymouth, MN. Trisha is just now getting the recognition she deserves after being a professional car model for a couple years.
Now for the blonde (#5). Apparently, her name is Alex, a 19 year-old girl from San Francisco. A friend of hers sent us these photos today. You'll recognize a couple photos in that gallery because they've gone rather viral around the net this year. Enjoy...

Some of Trisha’s amazing photos credit: Keith Selle

  • nouu

    #2 hot asian ladyboy #15 hot real chick.

  • Vars

    Shit. one of these girls is from my home town.

  • pooper

    Yea Alex won this. and i'm not into blondes

  • Moby

    I remember #12 from a post awhile back and I TOTALLY thought she was smoking, point proven

  • floscar

    mmmeeh! Nothing special.

  • Deadalready

    This is choice

  • HotDamn

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 #17 #18

  • AloysiusJenkins

    This may be the greatest Chive post ever.

    Unless there are more pictures of these girls.

  • jtatman

    #8 Confession number 1: I'm relatively stoned right now. Confession number 2: This is beautiful, awesome, and so many more indescribable feelings. HOLY $HIT!!! I just came in my pants…. (sorry). I've never seen a picture that I could just stare at forever until now. WOW!!!

  • Anon

    Blondie goes under Chelsea Duckworth on every file dumping website, she has 100+ pics.

  • Anon
    • bummed out

      Bummer, said nsfw, very safe…. only one partial nude.
      any more?

  • Locode

    #5, Trisha Lynn for the win.

  • MGP

    #5 has been on my phone's wallpapper for months, now i know who's ass that belongs to. thank you Chive ur my friend.

  • BloodScrubber

    Dam I just love a woman with self-confidence.

  • Bud Ugly

    Trisha's got a great ass, especially for an Asian. #5 and #8 are great. I also like her in #1.

    The blonde girl is attractive, and yet, it feels like she's someone I'd see everyday on campus in real life.

  • bob

    #10 she looks like stacy keibler XD

  • Nice

    Alex the blonde deserves her own gallery

  • Dom

    Hey.. I recognize that room that Trisha is in. Thats my gf's cousin's room.

    <img src=""/&gt;

    Thats his website

  • Duder

    #15 is just amazing

  • @txt2verse

    #17 gaaaa! Nooooo, not the Canon Rebel XTi (it's not a good camera)

  • Charlie

    Thanks for representing Plymouth well Trisha, we have the best women in Minnesota right here.

  • Anon

    Like waving plastic fruit infront of a starving man.
    I don't need this shit.

  • www2

    Black > Blonde

  • Ric

    #18 is pure glory

  • meGrimlock

    #10, #11, #18, and others…
    instead of "same face in every photo" syndrome, she has "grab article of clothing tease" syndrome

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