Sexy sirens in sports (21 Photos)

  • mattythegooch

    #1 & #20……Fuck Winter!!! C'mon Summer!!!

    Slip'n the Nip…..I like. #21

    • lol

      If you look close it doesn't look like a nipple. Whatever it is bleeds over onto the black. Plus it's kinda of an odd spot for the nipple.
      Could be wrong.

  • nemesis

    #9 is still awesome

    • Its-a me, Mario

      easily the hottest of the set, but thats only because the right Ivanovic pic wasnt in this gallery.

    • John McCain

      I concur. Allison Stokke ftw!

    • BigDingo

      I will never grow sick of Allison

  • Ryan

    No Natalie Gulbis?

    Plus, #7 is a complete dude.

    • Fishy

      Sarah Conner " No really he's after me. "

    • Its-a me, Mario

      yeah, slim with a bit of muscle, must be a dude. He is fooling nobody with that pink top.

    • cwfromsd1

      Natalie Gulbis is a butterface…she looks like Tammy Faye with all the makeup up close….but she has the raddest butt and legs. I was at a golf clinic that she hosted and I have a photo with her.

    • ckris King

      She is greek called " Έρικα Πρεζεράκου " ,I dont like her ether.

    • pan-kit

      #7 & #21 is erika prezerakou….greek athlete and winner of the 1st greek dancing with the stars

  • beer

    This gallery actually kind of grossed me out.

    • Fishy

      Drink more beer and come back later.

    • youfailedthetest

      hate to be the one to tell you but…

    • Pepe_Le_Pew

      Mom, stay off my computer!

  • gutterville

    #2 #5 #7 #21
    Haven't they heard of a sport bra

    • NoLogic

      have you ever seen a woman swimming with a sports bra? idiot.

    • Catence

      I swam for 5 years and pretty sure I NEVER wore a sports bra under my suit. Nicely done gutterville.

      • Random

        The Chive would like some picture proofs. I'm sure you'll easily make the Sexy Chivettes post 😀

      • @The_Scofield_

        I concur with Random. Hell, use your bath tub to get wet if you have to.

    • Skip

      So you expect from them to wear underwear under swimsuit? WTF?

  • MiddleLane

    #5 and #7

    Toss those ones back into the lake……..

  • jake

    Haha, no sports chick gallery is complete without #9

  • TCB12

    How can we have a sexy sports sirens without including Natalie Golbis or Paula Creamer?

    Come on, Chive, get with the program!

    • snywarf


    • Ira

      Creamer came into my office a few weeks ago, she looks better in pictures…

  • teximport

    #5, #6, # 9, #12, #15
    Damn I love athletic women. Beautiful bodies, aggressive in bed, yet still wanna b treated like a delicate flower. WELL DONE CHIVE ( I'd appreciate any names that my

  • Flicka

    Ah fitness. Stay sexy, lady athletes!

  • teximport

    #15 was left out, sorry

  • God

    I'll take #9 with a side of O M G

  • paulhitchcock

    #9 – Alison Stokely

    #14 – Nikki Childs, and she wasn't even the hottest girl on UGA's gymnastics team that year.

    • The Dude

      Allison Stokke I googled what you wrote and yeah huge black guy.

      • Doug

        What a little misspelling can do….

  • teximport

    I meant #9

  • Irock

    #12 That's the sound my unit made when I saw her picture.

  • The Dude

    #21 nip slip for the win

  • Optimus Subprime

    God bless sports chicks and you Chive. Best post of 2011!

  • Tomas

    Who’s #2 ???

  • A.T.

    #9 yum

  • FuckOff

    #1 and #12, Rest are eh

  • llama beans

    The girl wearing number 15 has an unbelievably powerful ass! Ta-dow!!!

    • mith

      Look at those legs on her. Man..!

      • Zadkiel

        She'd be like that chick from Goldeneye. She'd crush you with her thighs!

    • Jay

      Just an amazing butt on 15.

  • Superlame

    Where is Kassia Meador?

  • moeshere Foxdale

    Love a women that works out Love hard bodys….

  • akajako

    Not sure if the 5 starts on #1 is on the surf board or the rating for that ass

  • pjsupremex

    #15 the logo on the back– "ISINBAEVA" baeva is french for "to anal", hence ISINTOANAL

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