Sexy sirens in sports (21 Photos)

  • TCUchiver

    #9 is the winner! that is also the second slip that Le Chive has pictured today….the first one was much more obvious – that one took a little closer look.

  • Kai

    I fully support galleries of athletic women ^_^

  • jtatman

    #7 HOLY SHIT!!! Is that Sarah Connor from Terminator!!! Run that bitch is evil!!!

  • Satanas


    i would let her play with my pole 😀

  • pokey2121

    What about Zuzana from

  • ERIC

    #10 ANA is the cutest

  • Ryan

    #9 #13 #14 are superb!!! MOAR please!!!!!!!!!11

  • Ryan

    #9 #13 #14 are superb!!! MOAR please!!!!!!!!!

  • john

    #7 had better be a joke.

  • The Spicy Italian

    #5 looks kinda like Jason Biggs

  • + blitzk

    #7 really?

  • Cody

    how about a post of just #18? michelle wei

  • Duder

    the only thing this page needed was kiira korpi. i think thechive should redeem themselves by giving her a page of her own

  • Pen15

    Please make these all gif's.

  • @txt2verse

    I think sportwear (see above photos) is sexy on women, that is why I have to go to the gym at weird hours…

  • Maynard B

    #13 & #14- God I love gymnasts, so flexible.

  • koko

    #6 is Snežana Rodić – she's from Slovenia (remember Bled lake?)

    also, you forget Alenka Bikar… (google her!)

  • admiralcackbar

    #9 So Damn sexy holy shit,

  • Pepe_Le_Pew

    #4 I have no idea what sport this is but I'm not a huge fan

  • Kidd greene

    Dear Chive…i love you…(no homo…ok alil)

  • Dave P

    Anyone know who No 3 is?!?!

  • 3rc

    nicely done miss #21 🙂

    I´d love to see, how our "regulars" from the lower back problems club would cope with pole vault:)

  • Sandwiches1123

    #9 Yes!

  • Per

    Don't watch sports but I'd watch #9

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