• roddy

    cats are the worst. dogs are the best. those who disagree= fags

  • Oscar Cornejo

    LOL this just make the laugh of the day, soo good and funny!!!
    I love cats, now i see that i like them even more xD

  • ridude

    This is why dogs are the shit and cats are sketchy

  • Phontsolo

    That was great!

  • Steph

    All dogs do is bark, bite me, and kill my beloved chickens =.

  • Shawna

    I love this! Its so true. I could see my cat and puppy saying this. It also makes cats even cooler to me. Which at times, is hard to do. ^_^

  • Lauren Williams

    This was posted on

  • kdtc

    I agree with your there, as long as my boys got fresh water, mud to roll in and a bed to sleep on, they do not care for the rest of existence.

  • RicoSan80

    That is BAD@$$!!!!

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  • Mike

    I read the cat portion to myself in Stewie Griffens voice, wonder if thats normal…

  • 1chapelcredit

    "If your dog were ten times bigger than he is right now, he would still be your best friend. If your cat were ten times bigger than he is right now, he would eat you."

  • Lindey Miller

    old copypasta is old
    this is like aol old
    this is geocities old
    this is my mom typing with two fingers and looking back up at the screen every two letters old.

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  • Retired Navy

    Dogs are "mans' best friend". They will make you feel better when your woman gives you crap.
    Cats emulate women thinking the world revolves around them.

    Dogs don't care if you have been gone a minute or all day. They are always happy to see you.
    Cats don't care when you come home as long as there's food and a place to poop.

    Dogs will play with you all day long.
    Cats will play with you until they sink their claws into your skin and chew on you hands.

    Dogs will look sad when you scold them, then lick your face in forgiveness
    Cats will turn their back on you, wait for you to sleep then claw you to death.

    Another reason to stay single and have a dog.
    They are alot more fun to be with than most of the oposite sex I know.

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