A closer look at Facebook offices around the world

  • moeshere Foxdale

    Them servers ROCK..

  • suckers

    have fun when goldman/<insert financial institution here> rapes them of every bonus/paycheck. microsoft, aol, yahoo, friendster, the list goes on. they haven't published a profit yet. this ponzi scheme is going down. f zuckerberg.

  • Your Mom's Dog

    Google wannabes.


    I would really get tired of that blue color

  • Anonymous

    Are those the servers where they mine all of your personal data?

  • handy dandy

    I call workplaces like that a modern utopia. Shit! they even have chef cooking meals in one of the pictures!

  • Gecko

    I'm not an expert in IT at all
    but something tells me that is exceptionally neat and organized for a server

  • Just-Sayin'

    #28 to #33, never have i wanted to throw a bucket of water so much, just to see what would happen.

  • Dylan

    Ya, but they only have Diet Dr. Pepper in the vending machine. Pass.

    • Walt

      You have hit a new low when a flavor of soda is how you determine whether you would like a job or not

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  • http://www.officeshopping.co.uk Cass

    #23 is awesome! Most of their offices are cluttered though.

  • Joshua

    What u can say about "VKontakte" office` design..? http://chairdaily.com/?p=301

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