Hot Right Now: Gaps can help cure the Monday Blues (30 Photos)

Happy Hump Day! (25 Photos)

If you have a great ass or are dating/married to someone who does, please email all pics to thechivesubmit[at]gmail[dot]com or use our handy photo upload page HERE. Just remember to crop the faces off if you want to conceal your identity or if you are just plain ugly.

  • Sugreev2001


  • Herm23

    #6 & #16 win this one for me. Love the asses.

  • socalsurf4life

    MOAR #5 and #16!!!! Puhlease

  • JFrost

    Where's the next shot from #3? All those delicious asses are about to strap a harness on and go rock climbing!

  • ECV

    can you find # 15?

  • Garen DiBernardo

    #24 …
    i could watch that all day

  • SantiGE

    Ass men in the world thank you, Chive!
    And #24 is AMAZING!

  • scott

    after i looked at all pictures more than once- outstanding really
    then i noticed backround of number6 what kind of building is that?
    a prison?

  • willkm75

    #4 were is this car wash at i am feeling a bit dirty and am in need of some serious washing

  • Dex

    #24!! I cannot get enough of ass-related gifs

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  • hamza

    not gud job… Show full ass

  • Bijoy Benny (@BijoyBenny)

    I want to give a pose;-)

  • The big butt ladies are god gifted


  • Christian

    23 is Nikki as in nextdoor.

  • http://assphotos umardansanda

    i like big ass

  • sobi

    verry nice

  • Hakim


  • wawat

    great asses. i wud like to eat them.

  • Anonymous

    beauti pic

  • Terwin

    Dadadadada damn dats nice

  • Almighty

    I’ll fuck all the girls/ women above.

  • A

    Jeddha ksa

  • Max

    super hot !!!!

  • Toys

    check this ass out :

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