Have some “Awesome” to get you through your midweek crisis (32 Photos)

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  • Mystery

    #18 Hey Bill Murray, Burt Reynolds called. He wants his mustache back.

    • http://pleasemakeitend.blogspot.com/ Pepe_Le_Pew

      (blank) called. He wants his (blank) back.
      That joke is still around? I thought it went out with Seinfeld.

  • Hamlap

    #32 really sums this post up

  • shibby

    This wasn't so awesome until #32.

  • Huey

    #27 – All I could think was Susan Sarandon reading the Bible

    • Randy

      Eight year olds, dude.

  • thedude

    Thumbs for the big lebowski———————->

  • thedude

    Thumbs for the big lebowski——————————>
    #3 #19

    • Keith

      No thumbs from me for the double post.

      • thedude

        The pictures didn't work the first time, richard.

        • amrith777

          The Dude abides…… ;-)

  • Good Lord.

    #9 Just never seems to get old, does it? Maybe the greatest ass ever.

    • http://pleasemakeitend.blogspot.com/ Pepe_Le_Pew

      Oh they get old alright. Old and saggy.

    • Eddie

      So yeah, should be nice to find her. She IS awesome

    • Zebulon

      This is the first picture I ever saw on The Chive, way back in the day (which was a Wednesday, by the way).

      • schnizz

        someone should tell her to turn around….the front is pretty awesome too it seems

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1082023363 John Whitsel

      You read my mind …

    • Chris

      why havent we found her yet?

    • sully23

      I want MOOORE

  • tommybhoy

    #9 Still awesome no matter how many times I see it

    • Jen

      id gnaw on it.

    • iamqueensboulevard


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  • Sanman

    #9 theChive… you have posted this numerous times….. and it never gets old.

    • yup

      Should be used as a banner on the front page.

    • Someone

      Is there moar of her?

  • Silje

    #21 is the single most awsome thing I have seen this year. I want!

    • Silje

      I'm definitely not a dude :)

    • MikeK

      If you're a chick, then your cool factor just went up by 2! If you're a dude… Well…

    • Pepe_Le_Pew

      If I can't talk the old lady into wearing them, I may have to get them in my size.

  • Bobby

    #24 Handson Brothers?

  • Captain Obvious

    If the Dude in #17 ever found about the thing in #27, I feel like there would be some bad consequences

    • A BiPolar Guy

      #27 has legitimate medical purposes. sometimes you really do need to immobilize a child for the safety of himself or others. This is a safe way to do it without risk of physical harm. It's not meant as a parental disciplinary device.

      • Mike Khunt

        In a related story, PedoBear is now attending Med school

      • Catch

        Yeah, sometime the kid fighting back does quite a bit of harm to the child.

        Also put to use in several dodgy European countries, where the child having too much mobility might harm "the merchandise" and result in lessening of profits.

  • Qwain

    From frozen Minnesota, #2 is looking like Home Sweet Dream. Pass the rum, and a couple of #9!!!

  • hater

    #25…no fuckin' way. Time lapse photos or vid, please.

    • Jojo

      it's easy to do. Just need to start out with supports for the arch areas. once the arches are all made you can remove the supports and the arch structure naturally supports itself. That's how all arch structures are made :P

      • tag

        Yeah but can you do it with coins? Just seems like there wouldn't be enough friction between the coins to support the structure.

    • immalawyer

      Looks upside down to me. Makes more sense that it's actually a table resting on the pyramid of quarters with the single quarters stuck to the "table" using glue or something. Could be wrong though.

      • DaddyD

        Or the structure is glued … or there were blocks in the openings during assembly that were later removed.

        Still pretty awesome.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=527027109 Elleny Mitchell

    #16 haaahahahahhaha

  • bubblerump

    #9 my oh my….

  • Hacker

    couldn't get any better.

    • http://pleasemakeitend.blogspot.com/ Pepe_Le_Pew

      "couldn't get any better"? Have you ever heard of nudity?

  • Locode

    #13 ..and he's still a crappy actor.

    • BaJezzus

      and you're a douche nozzle stuck on open.

  • A BiPolar Guy

    #27 has legitimate medical purposes. sometimes you really do need to immobilize a child for the safety of himself or others. This is a safe way to do it without risk of physical harm. It's not meant as a parental disciplinary device.

    • Mr. Wilson

      Thanks for clearing that up, 'A BIPOLAR GUY'……

    • knuckledonkey

      As a kid, I injured my eye. When I was taken to the ER, they had to put me in one of those things so they could get in and assess the damage. What are you going to do with a combative 6 year old. One of those childhood memories that will never go away.

    • saskriverpirate

      It's still the craziest fucking thing that I've seen today.


    #31 A Link to the Past FTW!!!!

  • HisDudeness

    Where can I get a better res version of #3?

  • llama beans


    Now that's an ass!

  • llama beans


    Damn! She's got some nice titties, too!

  • mipo2010

    #28, If someone shits in your kitchen it is game on bro…

    • BloodScrubber

      And the next contestant on Hells Kitchen is……

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