• Pufffdragon

    If the world ended in pixels I will be happy and can forget such movies like 2012. Why can't I forget that movie…sigh 😦

  • MigraineBoy

    Pure awesome!

  • antennaehead

    Are you a bad enough dude to save New York from the pixels?

  • FullBlownStoned

    I have no words… that was just…

  • Bill

    Have I seen this a while ago or am I going insane????

    • Quemero

      It has been seent…yet it is an awesome clip!

  • Nerf Herder


  • HellHath NoLife

    Duke Nukem Forever better be released before this happens.

  • JstevensF

    That was genius. I'd be happy to go out like that.

  • musicman

    did anyone else notice the atari building in the back ground

  • Satanas

    mario would probably save us 🙂

  • Low

    Old video is Old

  • Groupie

    That was awesomely badass- tetris knocking down buildings? so rad.

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