The most requested chick so far in 2011 is Ashley Valence (22 Photos)

As many of you know, we get hundreds of requests for galleries each day. For some reason, y'all want to see Ashley Valence... a lot. You've requested her way more than any other chick so far this year.
Her stock is on the rise these days as Ashley graduated from WWE wrestling to real sports; she now emcee's Memphis Grizzlies games and models swimsuits like a boss. Enjoy...

  • Hayden Baer

    #8 Goog GOD!!!

  • belea

    she must be in top 5 chive hot babes ever…she hooootttt

  • Herm23

    #9, #19
    Holy ballsack this girl is gorgeous. Not too hard to see why she is most requested.

  • jb1n0

    # 21 is outrageously hot! i think the chive needs to give her a monthly gallery.

  • MMAN87

    #5 DING DING! Always thought she was destined for something more than being a WWE girl… no offence to them, they are pretty hot. Good on her tho, the sky's the limit whooo! 😀

  • badsneakers

    #20 they totally effed up her boob – looks like a lunar eclipse. #21 on the other hand OMFG….

  • thatsright

    #17 and #21
    she is just beautiful

  • Jim


  • Farid


  • Anthony

    Silicone saggers

  • ogscudbone

    all fake tits are terrible…great looking girl other than that.

  • anon

    … meh… didn't do it for me

  • Dazza

    I would destroy her.

  • Mark Hines

    boy us guys at would love for her to come post some of her pics, my goodness she is so hot

  • shane
  • chena

    world-class beauty with girl-next-door appeal….

  • TrainDr

    I will use a quote from Lewis Black to explain why the Chive loves her: "She's PERFECT!!!! SHE'S FUCK'IN PERFECT!!!!!!"


    new sexy ashley valence photos : theCHIVE

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