20 Hidden Hideaways: Don’t act like you’re not impressed (20 Photos)

I’m not gonna lie, I think it has always been a childhood fantasy of mine to have my own secret room/trap door. This may the closest you or I ever get. Don’t hate. Let me dream….let the boy dream.

  • http://www.stewpig.com/amazing/these-were-my-dream-rooms-though-theyre-secret-hideouts-20-pics/2011/01/08/ These Were My Dream Rooms, Though They’re Secret Hideouts (20 pics) | Stewpig.com | Entertaining the world EVERYDAY.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/BuildItLikeBest Best

    Two of the pics my team and I built, I ran the art department for Extreme Makeover home Edition for 4 years. The dresser with the clocks (which open when you turned the hands to 12) and the 3 black bookcases with door behind (which opened when you pulled a Sherlock book) I started my own stuff now, check it out and press the like button. Trying to drum up some support for a possible show, Thanks Chivers.

  • Snakrause

    My favorites are any of the swinging bookcases — You see them all the time in movies, television, stories, wherever, but to actually exist and be so seemingly common (as far as hidden passways are) it just kinda makes me wanna pull out the power tools and have some fun

  • wolbie

    thats some Scooby Doo shit right there

  • http://www.lajkam.com Ivan

    Secret room is great and all, but what would you guys keep, or do in them?

  • David Montgomery

    bad quality pics, not enough detail.. negative, i know but this looks like its been (badly) compiled in 5 mins with google images

  • Anonymous

    nice realy check it on http://www.celebmunk.com

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