Canadian women redeem themselves… or do they? (26 Photos)

For those unfamiliar, the last few days' A.R.'s have not been kind to our neighbors in the North. I've been fielding your emails and our Canadian Chivers are not happy, some are outraged (or as outraged as Canadians can muster). Canada deserves to be heard and these are the photos you've sent over the past two days.

Here's the thing. The girls in this gallery are all celebrities. I think we can all agree that celebrities are cool. But above all we love our Chivettes, our anonymous hotties, and our 'regular girls.'

What's sexier, the photoshopped-to-hell-and-back celebrity, or the sexy girl next door, eh? To that end I've asked for our Canadian Chivettes to submit for Friday's 'Sexy Chivers'. And they've responded… kinda. So the score isn't settled yet in my opinion. Tomorrow the REAL test if you ask me. And I'm honestly pulling hard for our Canadian Chivettes!

Update: I just checked our analytics and we have over 100,000 male visitors every day from Canada. Do any of you guys have girlfriends or are you hibernating? Get off your asses. National pride is at stake here for Christ's sake. Please be sure they have them write 'Hi Chive' or 'Canada rules' somewhere on their body/sign and submit here. I'm on to you guys plucking our American birds off Facebook and passing them off as your own btw. Anyway, Enjoy Canada...

  • bill

    wow # 2 got my harmones going.BOING

  • Winston

    No Sandra Oh?

  • Always Last


  • DonB.

    Who is #2

  • Anonymous

    #11 is Gemma Atkinson. She’s from across the pond. Not exactly sure where in Europe, but I think around England. She’s been reposted over 9000x.

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