Daily Afternoon Randomness (46 Photos)

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001652244461 Tomasz Zee Buratynski

    #45 I want me a GF like that! I'd marry her on the spot

  • Gabe

    #46 never thought the mentioning of laundry could be a good thing … but this is all kinds of right

  • horrigann

    #17 – if you're really giving that as a gift for a newborn you're an asshole. pb is sorta funny maybe in a gross sort of way. I hate it when fucktards take things to far.

  • Joe

    #1 – Cool pic of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal promoting the Qatar ExxonMobil Open in Doha this week. Nadal lost in the semis so Federer will play defending champion Nikolay Davydenko in the finals today.

  • fasterthanu



  • Josh

    Find #46

  • scary69

    #41 they both look better without makeupand #46 just wow and yum yum

  • scary69

    #41 they both look better without the slap on and #46 ffs wot an ass yumyum

  • P-diddy

    #45 if this ever happened to me i would be in it for life no matter what

  • MissKam

    Big HELL YES to ASU chicks! ❤ Although I know there are hotter girls than #12 🙂

  • whatshisface

    #4 #32 & #41 ladies, if any of you are reading this take notes; duck face ups your dumb bitch factor 100% and lowers my erection factor to the point of inversion. please, i beg you, stop the duck face madness

  • ronnie

    #41 the blonde is hot w/o makeup, dunno bout the other

  • foo

    #46 Holy f&#@! stick, Batman!

  • G1880

    45 brilliant

  • GAC


  • Locode

    you're the retard

  • JHL1

    Hi! I'm Rahm and I believe every pic on the internet is photoshopped!
    (And I have to say so in EVERY comment because I am that much of a douche!)

  • its_forge

    What'samatter Rahm, never seen a woman with great legs before? Too bad, you're a pathetic loser. So very very sad.

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