• top dog

    You know what would have been cool? is if every piece of paper had a few words of wisdom on em.

  • Megan

    at least they guy figured it out, i probably would've been like "WTF mom?" and thrown that shit away!

  • powersticks

    At least he won't have to get change for the stripper later that night.

  • fishnomz


  • Jack

    They weren't wasting any of their time…. The giver got satisfaction while the given got 300 dollars… And the only people who did waste their time was the people who whined about how much waste of a time this was.

  • Schplonschon

    most of you must live in suburbia <enter random city or country> In the hood this is seen all the time. Trafficking large sums of money can be suspicious if you're a drug dealer. creative presents are not only fun to open, cops usually dont have the time to check a bunch of paper rolls that look like tampons.

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