I come bearing GIFS

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  • zero


    • blake honda

      first to comment, last to get laid

      • oh boi

        at least he'll get laid. I'm a virgin. FOREVER ALONE 😦

        • simon

          chill out. all it means is you didn't spend your teenage life like an american pie film. Now slap on a rubber and get sharking!

    • figurefour

      Wrong. #1 is first.

  • tommybhoy

    #8 That is all…….

    • yup

      Fake breasts, orange skin and an average face. Meh.

      • amanda

        yeah, but that ass!

        • Billy the Accountant

          and vag gap

      • Bunker Punk

        You might be gay if… you said the same shit as yup ^^^

      • V4Vendetta14

        Even Amanda knows a beautiful ass when she sees one!!!

    • Russ

      I'm boycotting the Chive unless they dedicate a thread towards identifying that ass

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  • 8888

    What's up in #3 ?

    • Anon

      This is in Korea. Looks like the pitcher hit the batter and all hell broke loose when everyone started chicken fighting.

    • Gecko

      We have armpit noises
      East Asians have 1 legged "chicken fights"
      Silliness helps bring communities together

    • http://www.facebook.com/mengler2 Mike Engler

      it's obviously their way of charging the mount instead of throwing punches, and chicken fight. Stupid, but hey those crazy orientals will be crazy!

    • Optimus Subprime

      Amazing, hilarious and dumb all at once. it embodies awesome.

  • sully23

    if #8 keeps spinning she's going to get Very dizzy. she can always lay down in my lap if she wants…

  • Woozles

    #6 if only the movies were that short.

  • biddy

    #6 boom headshot

  • Keith

    Can someone explain #3?.. And #8 is the one of the best gifs ever.

    • woot

      explanation of #3 is… awesome.
      and #8 I have to agree. Instant classic.

  • 6655321

    #5 I get it. Fur shame. It's a play on words. You just got jacked, bitch.

    • Cleese

      message she bring aside, she is dressed better than that model next to her

      • Da-yum

        And the makeup on the model is just scary

      • Ken

        And better looking. I wonder who thought the eyelashes on the model were a good idea.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001668622772 Bobba Fett


    I need help. Whats the deal here?

    • kate

      Don't you have eyes? they all suddenly grab one foot and start jumping in a circle. It's awesome.

      • Penelope

        I think he means WHY are they grabbing there feet and jumping in a circle. It's weird. I would also like to know why.

    • Anon

      in korea, it's a kid's game called chicken fighting. whoever makes their opponent lose their balance using only your leg wins. The pitcher won.

    • cpt

      its awesome is what

  • Penelope



  • James

    I could seriously look at #8 all day…. drool…

  • chrisdg74

    #9 – Wipeout FTW

    • BloodScrubber

      Its nice to see a "payback" in action. 🙂

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=513382328 Marco Allende

        i wish they would post some jill wagner instead….

  • damn

    #8 I mean… holy shit!

  • DanielB

    #9 he deserved it for wearing a frickin tie to frickin Wipe Out. I mean rly dude?

    • http://www.facebook.com/beau87 Beau Young

      Wipeout deserves its own GIF post. The horrific things that happen to some of the idiots on there are LOL worthy.

  • Deadalready

    Great post! Harry Potter one and shooting one mad me laugh!

  • Sanman

    #8 Ohhhhh…. myyyy….. GAWDDDD!

  • Spocker

    #8 Can we find her?

    • uberbrie


  • Sauru

    #8 has one amazing body on her but what the hell is going on in #3

  • buster nut

    #8 That right there, sir, is THE greatest gif evuuuurrrrrr

  • FLHomesteader

    #3 I did some research somewhere, once seeing this on another site, and it was explained that this was some kind of way for (and I can't recall where the players are from) the players to let out anger…

    Sounded like a load of shit to me… but I have no better explanation!

  • Sugreev2001

    Oh Chive,why do you torture me so

  • Hayden Baer

    oh my!! i just spent a good 5 mins just watching her

  • Gecko

    Give those men a raise!

  • Raluf

    I've been watching this for a couple of hours now, It really doesn't get boring…..

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