Iraqi Maps (21 Map Pictures)

In the military information is power and there is a lot of info to be disseminated and analyzed when it comes to war. For Iraq, there is a map for just about every situation. Here are a few examples pertaining to the forces overseas.

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  • SCF

    Holy OPSEC, Batman!

  • Concerned NCO

    Chivers! As a US Servicemember, I strongly request that you remove this post IMMEDIATELY, as much of this information is considered OPSEC (Operational Security), and American lives are at stake. Please, PLEASE, at your earliest opportunity, remove this from your galleries.

    Concerned Sergeant

    • SCF

      As a veteran of OEF and OIF, I can't visit your page in good conscience without I seconding the opinion of the NCO above me.

      Even though coalition forces are preparing to leave Iraq, posting these images together gives people who want to cause harm to America and its citizens information that might hasten or aid an attack.

      Operational security is a simple concept to understand. Think of every piece of information as a piece of a jigsaw puzzle. One piece alone seems innocuous enough and probably is, but if you put that piece together with lots of other puzzle pieces, pretty soon you've got a big picture. Maps of operating locations and population density might seem innocent by themselves, but put them together, and it's easy for a terrorist or insurgent to find a place to attack that has both coalition forces and a large civilian population for maximum casualties. Our military lives by operational security.

      I don't know who supplied you with this information, but I do know they knew better than to pass it on. You say you're serving those who serve by running this website. I applaud you for that, but it's time for you to demonstrate your faith and allegiance to our men and women in uniform by removing this post before someone gets hurt.

  • barry

    take this down, asap!

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