Our first Chivette of 2011. Meet Willow Hubbard (28 Photos)

About a month ago, we posted an anonymous tush on our site, as we do from time to time. Then three days ago an adorable girl sent us an updated photo laying claim to the tush (photo below). This photo sparked a massive outcry for 'MOAR'. I tried convincing Willow to send us more photos, but she shyly declined. Surprisingly, it was your kind comments that turned the tide, and she has finally agreed to become a Chivette. Well played, Chivers.

I'll let Willow take it from here:

Alrighty, let's see here...
My name is Willow Hubbard and i'm a Chive addict. I'm 19, born in Palmer, Alaska, but I currently live in a tiny town in western Washington. I'm a housewife, minus the wife part... I love baking, and i do a lot of it. Bread, cookies, pie, brownies, cake, you name it. When I'm not in the kitchen I'm either on the internet, Chivin' on my iPhone, or playing COD in bed (where i spend a lot of my time).
I'm a big photoshop nerd, self taught. Because I know the Chive loves its real girls, I've refrained from 'shopping any of these photos (gulp). Obligatory: My boobs are also real.
I have 2 adorable Chihuahuas (until you've owned one, all of the Chihuahua insults mean nothing to me). I'm an aspiring makeup artist and I'm currently in the process of trying to move to California. I am 'passionate', we'll say, about spelling, grammar, and just English in general, it runs in my family. I have 4 equally gorgeous and awesome sisters and a younger brother, also awesome. I'm currently unemployed! Maybe some amazing Chiver out there has a sweet job offer ;)

Feel free to inquire more. I'll be in the comments!

For you, John, and for the good of theChive, I'm an open book <3

The ‘Willow Dress’ photos by Raymond Ketcham

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