• MiPo2010

    Figures ill be in Boston traffic!!

    • yup

      . . . and not a single fuck was given by anyone reading your comment.

  • aosux

    Bring it on!

    • aosux

      I'm sorry guys. That was dumb. Just got a little excited

  • glitched

    please be in HQ that would be awesome

  • kevguy

    dont call me a peck!

    • mclendonmeister

      Ha ha, the whole time I was looking at this post I kept thinking, "Madmartigan, someone's stolen the baby."

  • Joe

    BUTTER FACE!!!!!!!!!!

  • j-man85

    longest 2 hours!

  • Becca

    Who is willow?

    • Duh...

      It's a little dwarf that was in a movie of the same name back in the 80's.

  • N8B

    There are <S>sexy</S>… wait,….. Skanky chivers among us

    • aosux

      And unfortunately there are douchebags amoung us as well.

  • ssf

    Y'know what else goes live in two hours? My erection! Ha! OMGROFLMAO! Thumbs up if you have big, hairy balls!

    • 50-50

      You're an idiot, but that was funny…ROFL

  • TCB12

    #1 Lookin' forward to it…..Im sure Willow will not disappoint.

  • 50-50

    What we really need is a Video interview inclusive of a guitar solo.

  • @work

    Who is Willow?

  • 50-50

    The internet will explode in 15 minutes.

  • cckl

    i got another question
    Who is Willow? Why everyone seems to know her?

  • Wayne Jackson

    really, who is willow?

    • j-man85

      the cute girl in the picture.

  • theone

    cut the crap DO IT DO IT

  • Luis Pedro Gonçalves

    has it passed 2 hours already ?

  • Always Last


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