You’re not the only one who looks like hell after working out (22 photos)

This post also proves how clothes and makeup can take girls from 3 to a European 9 (American 7)

  • jon

    What dumpster were these people found in and 'cleaned' up? Could the photographer have not gone into a local high schools gymnasium (follow the scent of teen sweat!) and snapped a couple before's and after's (and perhaps some 'during's' in the locker room?)

  • BloodScrubber

    Thats just way messed up. Seriously.

  • thatsright

    there is no one in this group that come close to an American 7

  • MeisterMon

    Yep, I'd still bone #13

    And #16, "I am looking for Sara Conner!"

  • jimbo

    I think these are drawings. Not photos.

  • BigDickDaddy

    #20 is Ron Wood? Guitarist for the stones? Right? Anyone?

  • marks_the_spot

    This is more like, how ordinary people clean up pretty well.

  • Don_Aguelo

    I don't get it.

    Is Leo trying to get fired?

    If so… great job mate!

  • scv

    should have been called before and after sex

  • Vagabundo

    Cool thanks chive!!! Next lets do it with attractive people!!!

  • S45

    Im Spanish, here Penelope Cruz is a 6. Thats a fact.

  • Someone

    Funny how people who look like crap still look like crap after working out.

    Try it with hot people.

  • k t

    #6 #11 Anyone notice they don't look that much difference before and after

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