Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (30 Photos)

  • dnsbubba


  • Bob

    #5 Tommy Lee Jones FTMFW
    #29 My face has seldom craved boobs so badly.

  • Chris


  • Duder

    #23, #29, #11….DAYUM

  • Vaughan

    Awesome Random Today!

  • mojo2975


  • MojaveAdventure

    Where is Kirk in #27 ?

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonanderelizalde Jon Ander Elizalde

    More #23???? A lot more!!!!

  • Metrodetroiter

    #22, Slows BBQ? Love that place

  • Mikey

    #18 Does anybody else think Emma is hotter then hell, or is it just me?

  • Vaughan412

    First post as a subscribed user! I waste enough time here I might as well make it official. But don't expect gifts or me to remember our anniversary! CHIVE ON! From Canada! Today's Canadian Girls helped ease the pain of coming in second in the world juniors!! Chive you should know the Russians partied so hard that they were denied access to their departing plane and were stuck partying in Buffalo for another night! So to show that I'm both Canadian and not a poor sport! I will request Russian women and Vodka!

  • Guttervile

    Lucky finnish bastards we have to get a case load of those jell o things when we come back from america but you people have them in your stores, fucking impossible to find them in the UK and the same goes for twizzlers

  • kibo

    #26 me want me want

  • trashthoughts

    wow…. #9 took me a while to get…

  • luke

    second to left

  • Cudaman

    Who is #26 & # 29?

  • Stuart

    #24 I live in the next town over from Nevada City. I also went to Nevada Union High School, and while I know the kids in this area are fairly hopeless, this one surprises even me. Good god at the "Rebel Pride" idiocy, the horrible grammar and punctuation, and the "drinkin beer" at 17. Just wanted everyone to know this dumbass doesn't represent this area accurately, or well. Chive on!

  • SJay

    #9 I see what you did there
    #23 Gorgeous.

  • dtzeiro

    #29 FIND HER

    • me again

      jordan carver. (:

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=761074582 Jessica Condrey

    We should roll 😀

  • Tubular Tom

    He Chivers, I found her ! And she's suddenly realizing how big I am………..

  • dan

    #26… number effing twenty six… that may be the sexiest look i've ever seen. she's wicked cute to start off and those eyes… good god man!

  • Mr. Al

    #26 is definitely a doll

  • Timothy

    #10 That's Atlanta right there. And it being ATL I'm sure rape isn't too far from the truth. Except for the occasional concert or Braves/Falcons game I stay away from that hell.

  • Why Not?

    Chuck Norris can do push ups with his dick. Fuck you Pete! #25

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