Shay, my Magic 8 Ball just told me you’d pose for Playboy in 2011 (9 photos)

In case this is your first time on the internet, this lovely lady is Shay Maria.
theCHIVE has featured Shay before, but these sexy photos by deserve an encore.

Click HERE to view Shay’s original CHIVE gallery
UPDATE! We posted a vote on whether or not Shay should pose for Playboy on theCHIVE’s Facebook page -click HERE to vote and don’t forget to LIKE theCHIVE!

  • nicky manaise

    #7, later Ill be pulling those straps why im giving you the business.

  • lol


  • @txt2verse

    Meow *said in sexy voice*

    You made my Friday Shay =)

  • Why Not?

    #9 Shay in Playboy would make my year.

  • Cudaman

    I just want to see #1 or #5 from the backside myself.

  • Anon

    i want to play with her…hat…

  • MMAN87

    Thats it exactly! She's got oodles of sex appeal but is classy and spunky in presenting herself, and for me that really is an attractive quality. U rock Shay 🙂

  • Syra

    #7 she looks so very upset in this picture i want to know why

  • thisfrikkinguy

    shes not real. these photos are not possible. end of story

  • Vagabundo

    #7 F— Playboy she doesnt need it. On that note damn i wanna see her naked too!

  • its_forge

    Not enough keister. Girl's got a beautiful little tushy and nobody ever shows the dang thing.

  • Sinophil05

    hell yeah best news of 2011

  • twat

    "Hello Titties"

  • Blitzkrieg

    Seriously what is up with women and narcissism?

  • Always Last

    Last!!! Also, looks like theChive's jedi mind trick didn't work – all she could manage was "girl of the week" and she was not nude…..

  • Imran

    These look great! I like your collages. It’s ainzmag how big you can make the setup look when I know how small it really was. I recognize several of the outfits. It seems that several of you images aren’t showing up. Hmm.

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