They see the Amish rollin’, they hatin’ (16 photos)

I don't get these people. The Amish reject electricity, buttons and cars but they have phones just outside of their house, hire drivers to drive them around in vans and buy and use manufactured goods, such as rollerblades. Pick a side people! Nevermind, Amish people can't read this article on their wood wittled computer...or can they?

If you are Amish using your hand-made computer connected to a high-speed broadband yarn, please sound off in the comments as to where you draw the line with the real world.

  • top dog

    OHHHH I get it, we're suppose to knock these people for their chosen life style and religion. Well, I'am not going to do that, WHYYYY? BECAUSE THIS IS AMERICA ASSHOLES!! PEOPLE CAN LIVE ANYWAY THEY WANT AS LONG AS THEY DON'T BREAK THE LAW!!!

    • Just Sayin'

      haters gon h-you know what i'm not even going to say it.

      Enjoy your cream-pies and 50 inch waistline.

  • dan

    i lol'd my ass off a few years ago driving through an amish community and there's a bunch of teenage girls out in the yard playing volleyball… just struck me as the most random thing to see

  • TylerV

  • Matt Blaskey

    i actually did a report on the Amish for a Sociology presentation. nothing in their rules say that they can't accept rides from people in modern towns, which some people actually have made businesses from. Theres nothing in their laws which prevent them from receiving modern medical treatment and the community will actually pool all their money together to pay the medical bill. Men with beards are typically married and have a family while boys remain clean shaven. Rumspringa is a right-of-passage each member goes through from a boy to a man. it gives them a view of the modern world from outside of the Amish community. i can only take solace in knowing that when there is a socio-economic collapse occurs, the AMISH will be the ONLY people unaffected.

  • Snakrause

    I've never seen any of the Amish from our area do that…. I'm going to suggest it to the next one I see though!!

  • Locode

    maybe they're planning to take over the world, starting with a really good roller derby team.

  • The Hatter

    Blade: some motherf***ers are always trying to skate uphill

  • Greg

    I met an ex-Amish girl in college. She would only have anal sex…go figure.
    Wasn't bad though 🙂

  • Adam

    The amish are our only true prevenative measures against Skynet!

  • sdc

    Amish are not actually as "backward" as some of you think. Contrary to popular misconception, they CAN use electricity; the rule is that the electricity must not derive from power lines. So you will find light bulbs using their own power.

    FYI, the Amish also make Coachmen RVs!

    Search for it, Google is your friend.

  • Lisa_Martin

    I love looking at other parts of the world/society. Leo…you literally made me LOL when I read "If you are Amish using your hand-made computer connected to a high-speed broadband yarn…" Dude. So wrong. Just 17 shades of wrong. lol Thanks for the gallery…Mennonite or Amish…either way…awesome looking fun. 😉

  • David Danielson

    Wow, how odd. I've never seen an Amish family come to a skating rink (and I've worked at them for a while!) but hopefully someday soon! 🙂

  • Roy Gibson

    Your opening remark was right on. "I don't get it", no you don't!!! This is their life choice. Leave them alone and worry about your own stupid decisions.

  • guest

    As has been mentioned earlier, these good folk are not Amish. Also there are a number of branches (families, if you will) of Amish, each with varying degrees of acceptance of technology. There are similar degrees of tech acceptance among the Mennonites. I have friends and acquaintances in both groups whom I have a very great deal of respect for, even if I don't totally understand their belief systems. Folks, that called tolerance, something many of these posters seem to lack, as is their right.

    As for all the small minded haters out there it would be wise if you knew, or learned, something about the topic before you made such foolish posts which serve only to spotlight your own narrow mindedness.

  • mikhael

    i wouldn't call the WHEEL modern technology nor SHOES, putting the two together is like having little horse carriages on your feet, powered by nothing but your own muscles. how is this against a non technological lifestyle?

  • Underhill

    We have several Mennonite communities here in Belize. There are differences in all of them. They may own delivery trucks but not drive them. They use wind/electricity and stay off grid. The power is often used for operating power tools and battery charging. If they ride in your car they will often use the lighter socket to charge batteries. They use tractors but remove the rubber tires and install lug wheels. Some do drive semis but only after consultation and most work is for the community. The communities evolve but slowly and carefully.

  • J.D.

    I just had the greatest idea ever… Amish roller derby league!

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