They see the Amish rollin’, they hatin’ (16 photos)

I don't get these people. The Amish reject electricity, buttons and cars but they have phones just outside of their house, hire drivers to drive them around in vans and buy and use manufactured goods, such as rollerblades. Pick a side people! Nevermind, Amish people can't read this article on their wood wittled computer...or can they?

If you are Amish using your hand-made computer connected to a high-speed broadband yarn, please sound off in the comments as to where you draw the line with the real world.

  • Beau

    As a closet Amishexual, I find these acts of using modern technology offensive and reprehensible. I would continue to type but I have to sew each letter before sending it down the line and I'm running out of

    • @valorikx221

      I lol'd quite loudly at that. Good one !

    • Guest


    • Malachi Constant


  • Anon

    I've yet to see an Amish fat person. Good for them.

    • LancasterPA

      And you won't. Even the old folks stay active. I live by Lancaster PA so I'm used to being around Amish people. Good, strong people. They can build a house over the weekend. Fuk the haters.

      • ikindalikeapples

        hell yeah. i just had a table made by the amish and its gonna last for decades. good handywork

    • Holly

      Oh, they exist…trust me. My dad works with one and his nick name is "Fat Boy"…all that homemade bread & whoopie pies!

    • mclendonmeister

      Actually the guy in #3, to my astonishment, is quite portly. By the way, what is the reason for using rollerblades instead of bicycles.

    • Warren Richards

      I've yet to see an Amish,,,,EVER, but then again, I live in Australia, would an Australian Amish have corks around his hat?,,,,,,

    • look again


  • Bob

    Aren't roller skates modern technology and the 'devils' work. Surely they ain't allowed them. 😉

    • Will Moog

      Huh. That never crossed my mind. If only there was a website out there that thought that was odd as well and posted pictures of Amish people actually wearing rollerblades!! Oh, that would be quite a treat!!

    • William

      Actually, the amish have this sort of convention which votes on what technology to let into the amish community. So apparently rollerblades are considered "ok"

  • Bill

    Hey, there don't seem to be a lot of fat Amish folk. Let them roll!

    • Royce

      Amish gonna Om…

  • charliethelibrarian

    God will punish them! Their cows stop giving milk and all the amish girls become super hot, horny chicks:)

    • @The_Scofield_

      Go GOD!

  • Kingpin

    There are probably a few Amish kids on rumspringa, trolling the interwebs and The Chive right now!

  • kev

    Shame on how people assume they know every thing ..yet fail to look in the mirror at them selves..i'm very well familar with the amish & they are slowly changing to some modern world's called generations changing..maybe some should look back at how their ancestors had or choose to do things..

    • mclendonmeister

      I get where your coming from Kev, it just seems sort of hypocritical to me that the Amish use certain technologies but avoid others. That being said, I think people should live as they please.

      • Eric Minton

        I think they debate what they will or will not allow. If it is deemed something useful or practical yet doesn't expose them to outside temptations I think they allow it in gradually. Not our place to judge though. They aren't hurting anyone so let them be.

  • mistersister

    Don't know if anyone has pointed this out yet, but these are not Amish, they are Mennonites. They will use modern technology, the Amish won't.

    • @jsvb1977

      not so sure about that — but maybe you are correct? the Mennonites i am familiar with do not ride in buggys.

    • Beau

      This is the internet. THERE IS NO ROOM FOR FACT HERE!

      • sixdeadelves


    • IN_Menno

      Uh, sorry, but you don't know what you're talking about. *I'm* Mennonite, and aside from some obscure theology and awesome cooking, we're pretty much indistinguishable from all the rest of y'all. These folks are Amish (of which there are many different varieties). Amish rollerblade all the time, at least in Indiana where I'm from. Nothing weird about it.

      FWIW, unlike what most outsiders commonly assume, the Amish are not opposed to technology and modern conveniences per se. They just make careful intentional decisions about which things they will adopt and which things they won't. They don't avoid owning cars because they think they're "evil". They do it because they want to maintain their small close-knit interdependent communities, and owning cars makes it too easy to just zoom off to the next town instead.

      • Anon

        I visited a group of Mennonites in Missouri that dress like Amish, but drive cars and carry cell phones. I also knew some Mennonites in California that dressed normal and used tech. It comes in all flavors.

    • mclendonmeister

      It depends on what you consider to be modern. The horse and buggies that the Amish use, when compared to the technology possessed during the majority of human history, seem quite modern.

    • Cait

      You're an idiot; they are absolutely Amish. Come to Lancaster County for once in your life and maybe you'll understand.

  • @jsvb1977

    What's really funny is that some of them are wearing hockey skates. I also live just outside of Lancaster, PA – but have never seen an Amish person on roller blades. I think photo #3 is from Lancaster.

    • Jon

      It is. This is in Intercourse, PA. (Please, contain your laughter.) There's at least 4 other pictures I recognize the location of as a Lancaster County native.

      • Yelito

        I used to live in Lancaster and I miss Yorgo's and the Pizzeria next to the police station…but not the Amish

    • Alex

      Yes, it is. There's a street sign for Rt. 272 in the back.

  • kev

    roller blades do come now looking like hockey skates & from my area it's very common to see the amish using roller's just might be surpized how well informed or of things they do's not wise judging a book by it's cover sometimes , you never know what you might be missing out on

  • ERN23

    I live in Kitchener, Ontario – just outside of our Mennonite country – Lots of buggies here, but have never seen them on roller blades! I used to work at a Harley-Davidson shop with a mennonite, MAN that guy could drink!

    • BadenON

      Word, I work in Baden On … tons of Mennonites out here ..

  • zman

    Been hearing those amish women can raise more than a barn quickly!

  • Chvr

    What goes: clip-clop, clip-clop, clip-clop,clip-clop…
    >BANG!< >BANG!< >BANG!< >BANG!< >BANG!< >BANG!<
    clip-clop, clip-clop, clip-clop,clip-clop…?

    An Amish drive-by shooting 🙂

    • not an amish guy

      I thought it was your mother walking home.

      • Chvr

        Close, but that would be without the bangs.

        • andfukyamoms

          unless she stopped by my house. OOOHHHH!!!!!! faced.

  • MeisterMon

    Wow, my earlier comment disappeared… What, you didn't think the idea of having an all-Amish rollerhockey team was funny??? What gives???

    • mclendonmeister

      First of all I like your name, secondly, that is funny.

  • kev

    lol some i guess do know they are very much human like all rest of us..they even have some excellent book writers publishing romance novels . peeking under the bonnet is series of them as well many others that are gaining in popularity

  • Rod

    well you know what they say….
    whats the hardest thing about learning to roller blade???
    telling your parents that you're gay 😀

  • Holly

    They're allowed buttons, not zippers.

    • mclendonmeister

      The guy who initiated that rule probably got his dick pinched by a zipper.

  • Dishwater

    Mennonite ≠ Amish Some of these folk are most likely Mennonites as the few Amish I have been around were never to pleased to get their picture taken.

    Ah, nuts. @mistersister up there already said what I just typed out. oh well this topic is prolly long since dead before I came to it 😦

    any who Chive on

  • kev

    lol better wording is hook & eye's as buttons ..but either way they are quite like all rest of us ..maybe sometimes wee bit more daring or wild..

  • andy

    These photos are kinda dick because the Amish prefer not to be photographed and I'm fairly certain most, if not all, of these were taken without their permission

    • vomit knife

      So what, they all seem to have been taken in public places. If pictures are taken in public places you may just end up in one.

  • cantcme

    #6 is Mose coming in from the Schrute Beet Farms

  • Brother_Hezakiah

    Why try an understand us? Just accept us.

    Mormons gonna morm . . . Amish gonna Am.

  • Indy Girl

    My neighbors house was built by 3 Amish families, and they are not as "old fashioned" as some may think. As they built the house, my neighbor took photos as the work was being done. One of the Amish women actually asked how to use the camera and was taken photos when the neighbors kids were helping out the workers.

  • HellHath NoFury

    I'm the pious guy the little Amlettes wanna be like, on my knees day and night saying prayers for the afterlife.

    • Beau


      WEIRD AL > ME

  • skull head

    Probably a loop hole.. like bikes aren't ok but roller blades are

    • Underhill

      Rubber tires on bike.

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