Detroit Auto Show: New Chevy Sonic comes in two flavors, Hatch and Sedan (25 Photos)

The debuts begin now at the Detroit Auto Show and Rick and I are now on the case. First up is the new Chevy Sonic, which is pretty good looking for a sub-compact. A couple of engine choices, all of them efficient 4-bangers, give adequate oomph. I really like the style direction Chevy is going with here. The only downside would be the cheap looking rear ends, but it's a good start for a new GM.


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  • Locode

    I wonder if it comes in hedgehog color?

  • Adri

    If anyone cares, the Volt is way over preicd, and I will be one hundreds of thousands of people that feel the same. If GM wants to sell cars, and be a leader, then get on with it. You are not going to do it by gouging on new technology, but by making them cheap in price, high in quality, sell them like hot cakes, get them esablished as the standard, then start raising prices as improvments are made. that is what Toyota did, then because of quality rose to be a giant. $41,000 is way out of the average americans ability to own a car.

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