Detroit Auto Show: New VW Passat is made in America for Americans (10 Pictures)

The Passat has changed. It's bigger, plusher, and cheaper than it used to be and who is to blame? You and me of course. Volkswagen has been a little miffed at their failure to generate enough profits here in America, so it has changed their car line around to appeal to we Americans. That involves making the sedan more popular by making it appeal to a larger group of people. Think Toyota Camry and think boring. Check out some pictures of the new vehicle in it's home town and place of origin, Chattanooga, TN.


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  • @Hapshoo

    im sorry but Americans sure know how to turn European cars into ugly machines.

    • Gregatron

      I'm not… I LOVE V-dubs but that thing sux balls….

  • Locode


  • me&me.again

    looks like shit !

  • mgreen

    Ugly! Does look like shit. Rather buy a chrysler and that says a LOT!

  • Gregatron

    What are DOIN VW????? What happened to you? I thought we had an understanding…

  • @Alexbeep

    Very close to BMW. Like new design line of VW: Polo, Golf, Touareg… Now Passat – very good

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