• Antonis Deligiannis

    Hot during winter,cold during summer! 😀

  • Josh

    Can I have it? For Free?

    • honesty is the truth

      education connection

  • Aunvre

    I dont wanna be a wise ass but its not a very original idea. In fact its very primitive and insulation is just terrible. It looks neat now because there is nothing in it. Try to live in such a room…

    • GTO

      according to that mystical thing some of us call science, the temperature at around 4 feet underground is a constant 50-55 degrees F. It is also well known that earth is a fantastic insulator. By those limited figures alone, one can surmise that heating costs would be minimal, with cooling costs non-existent

      • wiseguy

        It would require a special ventilation system, or you'd be busy drying the bathroom which has gotten damp again.

    • Cristi Palincas

      Well, the link leads to a hotel page, so it might be a modern building with the cavey finishes. I like the design, and for a hotel room, maybe in a resort somewhere, it's an awesome place.

  • MSkeet


  • charles

    opulence i not has it

  • Neanderthal

    If I had this pad I'd club a bitch over the head and drag her by her hair back to my place.

    • XOS

      cuz bitches love that shit..

  • bored

    UGH…. I used to love the chive so much. now I have a feeling I will only be visiting for the tush on hump day…. off to my other work time wasters that are actually not like… gay, and somewhat interesting…. I'll be back for the tush though…

    • Unwavering

      What's your other time waster?

      • Josh

        i lol'd

  • Shitfaced

    fart noise.

  • Hank Vatican

    Must be "Get drunk mail shit in day" at the Chive headquarters today.

  • Urban

    I can see man sitting around munchin' on bananas.

    • Steve

      or man sitting around viewing The Chive, while munching on bananas.

  • j-man85

    looks like a large bread dough.

  • MSkeet

    Not Boss

  • vince

    Paleo-pathetic. No way a pad like that gets you laid. Unless she's named Wilma.

  • MiddleLane

    More like an Ikea sex dungeon than a man cave.

    If you want your whole place to be a man cave, just kick the old lady to the curb and be single.


  • FLHomesteader

    What's with the excessive amount of douches commenting today???

  • Daesu

    I'll make that bitch a cave. Bitches love caves!

  • Crizz

    I think I'd just walk around going, "Wars not make one great! Humpf Humpf."

    • Tom

      first thing i thought about was yoda's house.

  • mattythegooch

    Yabba Dabba DON'T!!!!

  • Sitting guy

    i want to be there

  • ilikebouncinbooties

    This is what your house looks like on tattoine.

    • Shitfaced


    • V4Vendetta14

      Aunt Beru and uncle Owen would approve.

  • John S

    I guess everyone is getting pissy from the winter already. WTF is it that everyone is getting on thier back for. Sure not the greatest posts ever but seriously cut them some slack!!!!!!

    • John's Mother

      *their. But i'll cut you some slack

      • V4Vendetta14

        Thanks grammar douche! How is that English Lit degree helping you in the real world? 🙂

  • Funcle Awesome

    Dagobah System ??!?!?

  • OneClownShoe

    I like it because there's not much to clean.

  • C-man

    What is the point of it? It has absolutely nothing in it! A man cave has sweet tech gadgets, a huge ass TV and a bar. This just blows.

  • Nick

    This makes me think of an Ikea on Tatooine.

    • its_forge

      Good call!!! = )

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