• marcus

    question: Being hot and fresh all the time, Am I allowed to have sex with the breadsticks?

    • Jordan

      You made me spit up my food from laughing!

      • Fishy

        Another trick by the Chive just like the # on the pizza box. Fake and gay.

        • Your Mom's Dog

          It's a question…how can it be fake?

        • Naz1962

          Lol Fishy, how can a hypothetical question be fake?

          • Fishy

            The # on the box was fake. The question is gay and who fucks bread sticks? Besides Firstly of course.

            • Gabriela Robyn Miranda

              you're just bitter cuz you couldn't come up with the joke yourself.

              • Fishy

                Your right I called the # and a girl answered and said this is Stiffany. I froze and hung up then realized I just got chived.

            • OwnerOfYou

              Drop Dead.

        • Sitting guy

          yeah you're dumb

    • Naz1962


    • Malachi Constant

      I'm supposed to be working here marcus! damn haahahahahaahahahahahaaha!

    • Joel

      Marcus, my first born child – boy or girl, will be named "Marcus".

  • Andy Austin

    i'll buy my own damn breadsticks, sex it is

    • aaron

      I'll buy my own damn sex, breadsticks it is…

    • boo

      After 48 hours you'll be back to buying your own damn sex as well…

      Why is it I feel like I'm surrounded by virgins???

      • nato2101

        cause you are in high school?

  • Joeyk

    Id rather make sweet sweet love, olive garden has unlimited bread sticks..

    • Me!

      I need to clarify first. After the 48 hours are up, then we just go back to our normal sex life (or in some cases lack thereof)? It's not some type of thing where after the 48 hours, we're never allowed to have sex again, is it? What if during that 48 hours, the "anyone I want" girl remembers those 48 hours with me with such fondness that she comes back for more on her own? In that case, I'd have a motivation to do such a damn good job during those 48 hours that I can stretch them out much longer than 48 hours. Or do they remember nothing?

      Or am I just over analyzing this?

    • Royce

      I'm going to give those *itches breadsticks. *itches love breadsticks.

    • aosux

      here's a better question. Would you rather:
      1) Have the beer of your choice always at the perfect temperature or
      2) Sex with your choice of girl until you inevitably fuck it up, always at the perfect temperature?

    • viking

      yes they do and they are good

  • forward_thinking


  • SAM


    • Charlie Cheen

      I just don't know what I'm going to do with the other 47 hours, 59 minutes and 30 seconds.

      • StevieB

        It doesn't specify the 48 hours have to be concurrent…

  • Dizzle

    at least tempt us with a more appealing food item! breadsticks?! how about cake or sandwiches! i choose sex dammit

    • gsekse

      The cake is a lie…

  • sirwiz42


  • damon

    who is making these breadsicks? or are they magical?

    • willy

      of course they're magical- THEY NEVER GO FREAKING STALE!!!!

  • Nerf herder

    Is this a real question? I can get unlimited breadsticks at Olive Garden! I'll take Natalie Portman for the weekend thank you very much…..

    • that one guy

      pre or post knocked up?

      • Roclawzi

        I think it would start pre and end up post!

  • randomhero1218

    I'm sure at some point in my life I would get sick of breadsticks. But I know for sure I wouldn't get sick of sex during that 48 hours.

    • logical

      Best answer yet.

  • Tay Cha

    nfk… who wants breadsticks for life? no wonder the U.S is fat.

  • McRibbed

    This is the dumbest comparison in the history of sex vs questions. I would rather have 15 minutes with a somewhat ok looking woman than a lifetime of breadsticks. I'm curious if thechive was hacked this morning?

    • forrest

      I would take breadsticks over 15 minutes of sex any time.

    • Just Sayin'

      Some people are debating about a lifetime of breadsticks and 48 hours of perfect sex.
      You say you'd settle for 15 minutes with someone who's 'alright looking'?
      Something tells me you haven't had it for a loooooong time.

      • Dooder

        I'm gonna have to agree with mcribbed. Breadsticks are great and all but if I get to pick who I do… 5 minutes would be worth more than the breadsticks, and that isn't even enough time to finish.
        Of course, I'm not a fat ass, and I don't really care for breadsticks that much. Speaking of which I see alot about Olive Garden up here but Fazoli's breadsticks will blow Olive Garden's away.

        • Htownpunk

          Agreed. Dumbest "Would You Rather" post ever………

      • V4Vendetta14

        No stupid. Its fucking bread sticks. Even OK sex is better than bread sticks. I don't not eat bread sticks every night because I have to pay for them. Unlimited bread just has no appeal. Even 15 minutes of average sex is better.

      • Hubble

        You keep forgetting that they're SOFT and WARM goddamit!

    • Dingus


  • vince

    No contest. Though you can buy either- sex with a particular someone is a bit harder than buying food.

  • jacobs

    the infinite breadstick idea is actually fairly sound. I am 100% sure I can convince my girlfriend to have sex with me and I'm going to save a lot of cash on my food costs

    • Optimus Subprime

      Your gf is your 'anyone in the world' lay my ass…

  • Baldy

    Look John.

    Keep in mind that the people of this site risk their jobs every day to see semi nude pictures of girls and blog about practically nothing. Any day of the week i love me some breadsticks.. But come on, for us, as sad as we may be, will always chose the sex. That's a promise

    • Harold

      Look, Baldy

      Speak for yourself. I choose the breadsticks

      • Baldy

        Well you cant mess with free will..

      • Big Will

        You know how I know your gay

        • Harold's Mom

          i do…because he chose the breadsticks….right?

    • Jeff

      That's why I liked the comments section better. Before the small pictures could accompany the text. The comments used to be safer to read. Not with mini-photos of the fapping material right there.

  • mike


  • A.T.

    LOL this is hardly a question…jeez

  • Mike Engler

    #1 thats not even a hard one! no pun intended

  • Kenny

    SEX SEX SEX!!!

  • todd

    SEX… 4 day fuck fest!!!!

    • todd

      DOH! 2 Day… LOL

    • Nerf herder

      um….check your math dude.

    • JuanCa


    • Christopher

      Thats two days

  • GMO

    Olive Garden? I wouldn't take a shit in an Olive Garden! Give me the sweet poon tang.

  • McBeastie

    I'm married, so I guess I have to take the breadsticks.

    • Necangelus

      You could choose your wife. 48 hours are 48 hours, headaches don't count this time.

      • URDumb

        LMAO I think it is funny cause having sezx with his wife isn't an option for him again LMAO.


      I'm surprised your wife even lets you look this website

    • Not First

      I was thinking the same thing.

  • goats cheese

    Breadsticks FTW,

    I have a diff girl every day of the week, and i would love a lifetime supply of breadsticks

    Anyone who says sex is just a horny Bastard that cant get laid — that is all

  • PJ Fry

    I'd like to say I'd bang for 2days straight, but I'll take the bread.

  • aosux

    Um, you are asking this to the same people who come here for tits and ass. Now, whether it is the regular outcome or not, sex is #1 on everyone's to-do list that gets on this site.

    *I am comfortable saying that on the behalf of all the chivers

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