• Bob

    How is this even a question?? What idiot in your office heard the idea of no holds barred, anything goes sex for 48 hours, and thought, "If I had to choose between that and warm bread, it would be really tough??" Jesus Christ. Obviously you go for the sex.

  • Stephen Smilko

    Breadsticks!!! That's easy!

  • tag

    I'll take the breadsticks. Other chivers clearly underestimate the power of good breadsticks! I can get myself a girl for the first one.

  • AndyP


  • oramitoosmart

    48 hours is probably about as much as an average person gets in a lifetime, so might be fun having it with the person you want it to be…

  • anon23

    if the breadsticks bring marinara sauce then the choice is easy.

  • eliteskater08

    Pft. I've got someone to have sex with whenever I want, why would I want to rub my dick raw trying to hump as much as possible for 2 days straight? I'll take the lifetime starvation prevention package.

  • John

    Lol im surprised so many people think this is a no-contest. I'm actually thinking about how sweet infinite bread would be. And 48 hours of sex… Really? There's a lot of though guys here screaming SEX SEX SEX, but the truth is.. They would only last 2 hours max.

  • Texas Mo

    I've been promised absolute submission before………………never really worked out.
    Would these breadstix be cheesybread?

  • Herm23

    I dont know if you were trying to correct my spelling, but you put the exact same thing I did.

  • do it

    scarlett johansson for 48 hrs straight?!? fuck yea!!

  • Mush

    Is that girl making the breadsticks?

  • Ilike2play2day

    SEX Please!

  • Ulicqel

    Is this restricted to just one person, or as many as we can cram in withing the time limit? Also, is this one continuous chunk of 48 hours, or can we take it in increments?

  • Ryuubu

    Bread please.

  • Phil

    Neither.. maaaann, what do i look like? a charity case?..
    I dont need your handout. I'm an adult.
    you cant buy me chive! *takes breadsticks and throws them ON THE GROUND!**

  • 50-50

    Btw, to everyone says that you'd take woman…NO WHERE IN THE 1ST PART DOES IT SAY SHE WILL ENJOY IT….or not tie you up and stab you afterwards….all I'm saying, be careful what you wish for.

  • Matt

    Breadsticks? Really? That's all you have to offer me? I'll take the 48 hours of sex and a video camera so I have 48 hours of porn to go through later.

  • Stack

    imagine how fat we would all get if we took the breadsticks

  • Kyle

    How is this even a question. Your not a man unless you get ahold of HOT STEAMY…. bread.

  • Ogled

    Give me the breadsticks, I can make love with anyone I want for an unlimited time.

  • Nateb123

    Goats cheese is actually a genius. By choosing breadsticks women everywhere will be aware of his decision and go "That guy must be a God in the sack. I should do him!" and then BAM! Forget 48 hours, you get a lifetime of poon AND sweet, sweet carb-y goodness.

    • StevieB


  • AmishPanda

    One day you'll be sitting in your living room, comfy, content. You'll think back to the time you had those amazing 48 hours. And you'll turn your attention back to the TV and quietely think to yourself that fresh breadstick sound amazing.

  • Allen

    It has to be make love. I can make bread sticks way better than that… Oh, to only make sweet love for that long. 48hrs? #2

  • Anonymous

    Breadsticks. 😀

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