• Anonymous

    the bread sticks….easily

  • sQQQ

    What's wrong with you people? Are breadsticks are rare, immensely expensive delicacy where you live or is there a grave shortage of them? I would choose 4.8 mins of sex over breadsticks.

  • jeremy

    I'll take the 48 hour sex….cus Scarlette Johansen needs a real man in bed and I can get hot breadsticks anytime at any local OLIVE GARDEN!!!!


    dont be stupid. vote sex.

  • George

    Seeing as how I get sex all I want at home, I think I would have to go with the buttery goodness of breadsticks…yes, that will do

  • Mello-

    makin´ sweet sweet love is my choice … without a doubt in my mind

  • FixedinDC


  • yup

    Problem is when you offer a warm, soft breadstick to the woman you just spend the night with, she might stay forever.

  • Claude M.

    Since I already can make "sweet sweet love" to the person I want whenever we, want, the first option would mean no more sex after the 48 hours are up.

    Breadsticks please, they'd be a great after sex snack.

  • josh

    fish sandwich or bread ? hmmm really !!! the post with the 20 dollar bill acutally had me thinking

  • Kayla Smith

    Sex over food, any day of the week. And I'm a chick.

  • Exa Rian

    The bread sticks is an amazing offer. You could be out in the desert, and where others would starve, you would have infinite carbs for survival. you could cut your food budget into pocket change, heck you could build a makeshift shelter out of them and line your sleeping bag with them so you could be warm and cozy if ever stranded in the winter. I would be able to mash them up and ferment the remains into grain alcohol to distill into in an infinite supply of fuel to run my house and vehicles on.

    48 hours of sex with a puppet who is only there because of a magical gift? I mean, what's the point? And what if I wanted to be the submissive one? What would happen with the person after the 48 hours? What if it was with someone who would normally never think of me in that way? Wouldn't that feel similar to waking up after being drugged and taken advantage of? Would that be statutory rape if it were caused by a magical disabling of free will? would I have to face external consequences because of my actions?

    primal needs fulfilled by A: temporary sexual fulfillment

    primal needs fulfilled by B: food, shelter, and stability.

  • lost youth

    I would hate to disrupt Salma's life then send her home in disrepair, but I would get over it. Breadsticks…really? maybe cupcakes.

  • Daria

    Breadsticks FTWW

  • Sugreev2001

    Sex it is,I'll buy the breadsticks later.

  • winston002

    can it be anyone? past, present, future? if so two days with the virgin mary

  • fantarama

    I dont know, how long I gonna live??

  • Jim

    GIMME THE SEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm wheat intolerant……………….

  • >18Only

    Let Scarlett Johanssen know that I will be expecting her this weekend.

  • Jack

    I would bang Milla Jovovich while smacking her ass with the warm breadsticks I bought myself at Kroger.

  • wanker

    if it was sex vs. some proper meal, i'd give it a taught
    but bread?!?!
    no competition – it's the ol' in&out

  • chena

    …..48 solid hours with a totally compliant and cooperative, say, lingerie model/porn star/actress…..????

    No contest…..

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