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Alex Queral carves faces into phonebooks. It shouldn’t be possible (25 Photos)

Alex Queral is a Philadelphia-based artist that carves into old discarded phone books and makes 3D lookin’ faces out of them. Sounds simple enough if you’re Jesus.
For more of his incredible art go to his site HERE.

  • GreyGhost9

    how does one man find that much time, holy jebus.

  • DixonOrmus

    #15 is friggen awesome but i need a little help with #3 i dont know who she is

    • James

      I'm guessing Fiona Apple.

  • BloodScrubber

    #15 Clint Eastwood. He has your number…;)

  • moeshere Foxdale

    That is off the fucking hook man …My god thats great

  • Jess

    best use of phone books I've seen for this day and age

  • shawnstu

    I love the internet. I saw this gallery and thought, man I wish I could see a video of this guy actually making one of these, and here it is… (skip to 1:02 for the carving action)


  • Alllll

    Pure talent, amazing!

  • Joel

    This is amazingly creative and awesome.

  • captaincaseyy

    yea the top right corner says who everyone is.. so i guess its george not the dude.

    on another note im actually watching the big lebowskii right now… crazy?

  • jared
  • WEDNESDAY, ADDAMS « Around The Horns Blog

    […] don’t even know how this is possible, but this guy carves faces into old phone books. It’s kind of […]

  • fuckthechive

    This is so fake!

  • similar website

    similar website

    Alex Queral carves faces into phonebooks : theCHIVE

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    avtex sth1000 digital Caravan tv aerial reviews

    Alex Queral carves faces into phonebooks : theCHIVE

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