Gettin’ a lot of requests for Rebecca Hazlewood, the chick from ‘Outsourced’ (20 Photos)

I’m still NOT convinced this girl is Chiveworthy. I leave it to you…

  • noname

    if you're going to post indian chicks now, you could post katrina kaif instead…

  • Jedi Knight

    She is absolutely beautiful. I was wondering what kind of body she had since she is always covered up on the show. BRAVO!!

  • Methoes

    She got requested?! If theres something special about her i must of missed it.. no buys!!

  • HOT

    Seriously, its amazing how many people on here want a generic white girl… the world revolves around the sun, not around your big ass close-minded head.

    This girl is hot. end of story.

    …and about your pippa girl, every other girl ooks like her. no big deal. they are a dime a dozen.

  • jack

    the jury has spoken………….a chive FAIL! now if the Chive would only take my suggestion and post a gallery of all chicks giving an "O face" that would be HOT!

  • Failrater

    Thanks for giving me a Mangina Chive.

  • Sam

    who knew the chive commenters could be so racist….

    im sure the chive frowns on you haters…

    "Where do the photos come from? John, Leo and cousin Bob surf the world wide web -literally. They visit websites in Russia, Japan, China, Hungary, Spain, Germany -the list goes on, to discover the best of the best and bring it to the U.S."

    • PooBear

      I love the chive, but I'm honestly not surprised by the fake boobed white girl preference and yellow fever.

  • DollarBillUK

    I'm all for some different ethnicity chicks..but this girl is just not hot…at all. =/!

  • hater


  • Olivier

    Wait… look at the last foto and his left leg… wtf has happened there..?

  • codyne

    meh, waste of a post

  • Muse

    Not impressed

  • Pudd

    Really chive? What a waste of time I could have used to look at porn.

  • crh

    she has a big nose. And I bet it looks like a serious roast beef sammich between her legs. But hell not trying to marry her. Would hit.

  • supersniffy

    Is that a nose or a turkey baster hanging from her face?

  • SgtACSlater


  • Bleeding_Gums_Murphy

    i will happily deal with a half indian kid if i got this

  • Kiwi

    She is stunningly hot! Can't understand all the hick haters..

  • Marco Allende

    yeah…but NO!

  • UncleScrotor

    If theChive doesn't want her, send her to Uncle Scrotor!

  • NotaTrap

    Padma Lakshmi is seriously hot…this chick…meh. Would I fuck her? Without a second thought, but in the world of the Chivery, she ranks a solid "seen better". Especially given her monster schnoz….

  • Cap'n Lloyd

    #14…a little side boob is nice, but she she must have a "nice personality"……I guess?

  • Matt

    Uh yeah no thanks…. do us a solid and keep that one for yourselves Outsourced.

  • The Real D. Nozzle

    Well done Joey! For your prize, I'm going to let you turn me into Swiss cheese.

  • llano2

    Sarah Shahi is much better looking.

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