Gettin’ a lot of requests for Rebecca Hazlewood, the chick from ‘Outsourced’ (20 Photos)

I’m still NOT convinced this girl is Chiveworthy. I leave it to you…

  • quo

    #18 nuff said

  • ...

    lol, I guarantee this girl is hotter than the girlfriends of probably half the haters that commented on this post.

  • Bob

    #17 Spicy

  • V4Vendetta14

    So she doesn't look European. She looks distinctively Indian, but I think she is sexy as hell. As for Padma Lakshmi, she isn't really a typical looking Indian woman.

  • NOUU

    Anorexia plus big nose do not equal hot.

  • _JB

    Cute as hell. A welcomed retreat from many of the fake "beauties".

  • FireSnakes

    Not gonna lie, something about that nose is endearing. I don't see what the problem is. She seems to have that "regular kind of girl" hot that everyone here at the chivery seems to go on about.

  • burdhntr

    I like. I like.

  • tylerthefro

    Whoa whoa whoa…people watch Outsourced?


    Anyone that thinks people have shit taste for confirming this nasty beak isn't chiveworthy is…
    A) projecting, cuz he knows it is he with shit taste
    B) probably a camel jockey w a beak
    C) mistaking "plain standards" for high standards
    D) surprised 99% of males have middle eastern women on the bottom of their list
    E) all of the above

  • Guttervile

    DAMN, why did she have to look like my cousin

  • kb1

    LOL. Exactly what I was wondering.

  • yes

    fucked up but funny

  • Jules


  • Ryan Land

    Unbelievable!!! Super Hot on the Show, Hotter in Real Life. Lets silence the Haters by showing Padma Lakshmi Next PLEASE!!!

  • Malachi Constant

    Anyone who doesn't think this girl is hot is either gay or fake-tit loving douche-

    • Peanut Gallery

      Don't forget racist

  • Drewcifer


  • @txt2verse

    She knows how to look nice, but sorta meh on my Chive scale… Penelope Cruz is chiveworthy

  • Beth Vogel

    You guys should have done a post of that chick from the Hyundai commercials, the one that no one seems to have decided upon being hot or not. I'm a chick and I still don't know! We had a discussion the other day regarding whether or not she was hot… I think she looks a lot like Justin Beiber but a friend of ours thought she was hot… Either way I HATE that commercial and am GLAD they are gone! =)

  • Locode

    Not a single one of the loser retards on this site would pass up a chance with this girl. Stop kidding yourselves boys.

  • Ian

    I dont know what everyone is talking about, she is Beautiful!! Ive seen a lot worse in some of the regular girl posts…

  • cantkillcastro

    meh, not so much.

  • kiddo

    You guys are retarded. She is beautiful. Fuck Chive if you deem her not chiveworthy.


    Y'all are racist. Racist bastards.

  • Agnt Pisant

    This chick is UGLY for an Indian girl. I should know… i'm Indian.

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