Daily Afternoon Randomness: Bullitt, best chase scene ever? (the chase Video and 22 photos)

Director Peter Yates has passed away at age 81. Being from Indiana, he also did a film called "Breaking Away". And he did Bullitt. No stupid CGI, no stupid lines from the actors. Some times you have to sit back and hope someone has the ability to create a movie like the master piece that is the 1968 film Bullitt. Point in case, Mr. Yates is from Britain…American Muscle car fun is loved all over the world and it's on us to never let the spirit of driving die. Thank you Peter Yates, thank you so much. Enjoy the Charger vs the Mustang.
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  • kosta

    Its cool, but not much randomness. Its all about Bullit. I want true randomness.

  • Jimmy

    no doubt a great car chase scene but I think the Gone in 60 Seconds Eleanor chase is better.

    • Jimmy

      BTW, im talking the original movie. i mean the 2000 remake had some fantastic cars and such but the original is awesome.

  • grover

    You can't just put "Daily Afternoon Randomness:" in front of any post and say you did your daily randomness…. weak sauce…. On a side note: great chase scene!

  • Locode

    There's a fantastic chase scene in a little known movie from the 70's called 'The Seven Ups'. Same people who did the French Connection, and it stars Roy Scheider. Worth a look if you haven't seen it.

    The movie is great as well.

  • MikeyTheFinger

    FUC – KING – A!!!!!!!!!

  • M4lc0Lm

    I like the chase scene from Bullit an gone in 60 sec, but i like the chase scene from Blues Brothers most!

  • mordifie

    wow i gotta watch that movie!!1

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