Her name is Zuzana and I’m pretty sure she’s hot (20 Photos)

Hot as hell, right?

  • BloodScrubber

    I too agree with John. Pretty hot. And I would even if it killed me.

  • PWNT

    Not only is she hot but her workouts are insane.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=694703981 Kelly Manglona
  • The Dude

    #18 just made my week.

  • http://slepton.net rich blackman

    dude ive known about this one for a while (typing "workout" youtube@work styles) and shes is UNREAL. fkin INTENSE. insane so insane



  • Ian

    God!! She is SO HOT!!!!

  • AtomManhattan

    Yup. Would !#@$%& her silly.

  • DaddyD

    I realize that most Chivers are here for the obvious thrill, but … #17 … leaves so much to the imagination.

  • JoelJordet

    I'd just like to say FAP FAP FAP FAPPPP

  • Pookie

    I'd never say this about any other woman, but if this woman doesn't get your tent pitched, you're most likely homosexual.

  • Wes

    her accent make her so much hotter!

  • dangerzone

    omg shopped. if its not. i think i love her #3

  • Dazza

    So hot, i'm working out my right arm right now,

  • RicoSan80

    #6 Makes me want to go work out….after I have some "ME" time in the bathroom, ofcourse.

  • theone

    like the gap #6

  • meh

    Not too athletic. Great body EXCEPT FOR THE FAKE BOOBS!!!!

  • Bisketz

    Best youtube channel to date. I love how she really gets into her breathing.

  • Bob

    I would love to have her just kick my ass around for a while, but she wouldn't be into a fat lazy dude.

  • reddeadguy

    She looked better before becoming ripped and before the fake tits. Look up Zuzana Majerova or Susana Spears, same girl.

  • babalon

    Who would've thought a fitness girl would be a smoker? 🙂

    • bigguy

      Well there's a boner killer

  • http://www.lajkam.com Ivan

    Hot, AND a cute accent, damn 🙂

  • RGC

    moar MOAR!!!!!!!!

  • scott isenbarg

    chive please get her to pose for you!!

  • McAnonymous

    Damn!!! I knew she looked familiar…she's so much better looking now, but I do prefer the naked shots

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