The 10 best drunken moments in drunkery (10 Photos)

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  • MiddleLane


    He's about to wake up to the sound of a semi backing off the air brakes and the smell of hot pockets and salsa………

    • northerner

      LOL, yeah, but the sad thing is the kid's a douche, first, and too drunk to know the sweet thing he's got his nose in, second. Loser.

    • turd zeplin h8ter

      good one

  • Cody2143

    Girls from #10 are from Olathe KS, went to high school with them. Ones in GA now and the other in NY

  • Cody2143

    Girls from #10 are from Olathe KS, went to highschool with them, ones in GA the other in NY

  • eroon

    #8 I knew Ron Weasley was a dirty dog from the moment I saw him…

  • Cap'n Lloyd

    ok, #10….all is forgiven Chivaroni!

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  • ROK

    #10 find them

    • aaron

      The girls in #10 went to school at KU. The top girl is Leah and she’s my ex. Girl on the bottom is named Tori. Both still live in Ks. One in Olathe and one in Wichita

  • Yelito

    #10 needs their own HQ

  • Mick

    #8 Wakes up at the Crack of Dawn.

  • lefnutt

    #10 I hope the submitter knows if someone got video. Surely…Surely would make a good gif. I just gotta say…Damn…

  • The Spicy Italian

    #10 is probly why they banned 4loko

    • The Spicy Italian

      I meant #1 dammit!

  • Diana Santos

    #3 in his dreams…^_^

    • Ballzonya

      …in YOUR dreams.

  • hyperion.pantibiblon

    #10. Hi Res please , and then will be my wallpaper 'till the end of times.
    Sometimes I wonder…Is there anything hotter than see 2 chicks acting like this?
    But when is 2 men it feels like we want to unload our AK-47 on their miserable lives.

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