Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • -------

    #38 is stupid

  • littlegraycell


    I feel your pain…

    I go to USMA… they bus in girls for our dances. and the girls here can do more pushups than most of the guys

  • William

    #28 What the hell?

  • thetech2

    #49 still frickin hot as hell

  • Ftw

    #36 your girl wins hands down! That Mc. Poyle chick is soooo average. If I saw both of them at a bar I’d go after your girl, which she will then turn me down, leaving me to bang the Mc. Poyle smh

  • Jimi Pop

    I'm just saying she's still ugly, but Marilyn Monroe was ugly too…

  • rob

    #36 didn't prove that she wasn't a hot girl from google, he proved how well photoshop works.

  • OogaBooga

    Don't care what anyone says, Thesy Surface is Smokin'

  • Frito_Pants

    #27, I don't see where you were given your $10 discount. Good thing you saved your receipt in case you want to go talk to their pimp.

  • http://www.facebook.com/SonnieMarieSlagle Sonnie Marie Slagle

    nice try

    • Stevo

      two douches, continuing the douche foothold on chive.

  • Jacob

    Chive, I don't normally comment… but I think this is important. More #25 please.

  • boobalicious


    • RicoSan80

      I know, I'm keep looking for a bearded Charlie Sheen to run out and save me. Which…probably says alot more about me than I care for it to.

  • Dennis

    #36 she's not that hot! douche bag.

  • Dunny

    #44 Interesting way to end "Hump Day". I think "Woody" wins by virtue of clothing style. Much harder to bend like that in denim. Ha…woody…harder.

  • tag


    I hear you man. I go to a service academy, we have the same kind of ratio going, let alone the quality of the actual girls that go here!

  • mee

    #39 I got there too… yeah it pretty much sucks. The professors even joke about it

    • meee


  • P90

    #32 Spectacular beauty.

  • Locode

    #7 worst beard ever.

    #36 2 dudes.

  • kevguy

    #13 looks like a Hispanic Elizabeth Berkeley

    • kevguy

      whoops #36

  • Mark


  • MeisterMon

    #9 oh please MOAR… no, wait LESS , clothes that is!

  • gbody

    Free punch in the face if you're #43

  • Spencur

    FAIL, i was thinking seth rogan not jason segal WTF.

    • RicoSan80

      And on the next episode of "Freaks and Geeks"….

  • http://twitter.com/the_red_rage @the_red_rage

    #48 I also thought that under the greasy hairy the sweat and the unibrow of monstrous proportions she was sorta hot but #49 proves that not only is she hot but she's awesome too.

  • kualjo

    #28 creeps me out in ways I didn't know I could be creeped out.
    I nominate #35 for the WTF Hall of Fame.

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