Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • http://twitter.com/DustinMartian @DustinMartian

    Holy Shit, I live in Stoughton, Wisconsin and I know that girl!

  • Ghost-of-Caesar

    #26 Who. Are. You.

  • JesperA

    4 is not a win, you could easily dra a freakin line from they eyeball to a tit on the page in any direction whatsoever…..

  • Dustmiretheturd

    Zombie land 2 The Ice Age

  • Robert

    #42 was mad creepy

  • Robert

    I meant #41 and #42 was creepy. You'd have to see both to understand.

    • Greg

      pretty hot if you ask me

  • Corey

    #44 AWESOME! …an arcade machine!

  • Anthony


    I'm a Riddle rat too! And that statistic is so true…

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #49 nothing better I seen then that way down to earth that's what makers her hotter then hell….

  • Fred

    #36 is a butterface

  • http://twitter.com/bromandude21 @bromandude21

    i recognize #32 who is it?

  • Jules

    #9 is OK but I liked the no face pic better… #45 M! is for MOAR!!!!

  • Hopeless

    #37 isn't that bad the community college is right next to the campus, I feel sorry for the fellas out in Prescott.

  • Libertariandude

    #9 and #26, FTW. #36, I think is great that you love your gf, but I think Thesy is way hotter.

  • mike

    Do #9 or #26 have names?

  • Carli

    Where is #30? It looks realllly familiar, probably where I am now

  • Maynard B

    #9- I'm just speechless.
    #32- Why is it she won't do nude scenes. but she'll walk around in public in a see thru shirt?

  • Dane

    #45 She is Danish and her name is Katrine Blak. You are welcome

  • qwerty

    #1 Totally a Mormon church


    Let em know whats up #49 FOR THE RECORD I WAS ON YOUR SIDE EARLIER!!

  • Woody

    Can anyone explain to me why the girl in #44 is wearing my t-shirt?

  • Williemo

    #7 man up floaty hand. Otherwise you’ll never land a #9 and chive… MOAR #9 For that matter!!!!!!!

  • moop

    he's touching boob, I'm jealous

    • Greg

      If that was my mom…hmmmm

  • Sean

    #18 The problem isnt that your girlfriend dressed up your cat, its the fact that you own a cat! Get a real pet you nancy handed pansy.

  • jackybaby

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