• dave

    They sound like idiots. wtf?

  • Rob

    Jesus, these are the morons with the guns and bombs

  • Robinis

    only americans will fire a f*cking missile and waste thousands of dollars at an abandoned vehicle in the middle of nowhere for the purpose of having a "GET SOME" moment..

    • Miyuki

      Hmmmm, not a strong first day. I am dirtusbed by #1, especially since the gal is going to get her Facebook spammed by people telling her what a dumb bitch she is for drinking while pregnant. Which she certainly is, if true.Oh, and a solid me too on hating the expanding ads.

  • Ross

    at least they dont spend thousands of dollars on a toilet.

  • Surabhi

    I know Mistu was forced into chgnaing everything about the car between the beloved Gen2 and Gen3 but that’s just no excuse for Gen4. The fact that an AWD option never returned is baffling. The Gen4s should have been RWD with an AWD option and they would have dominated a tuner market desperate for something more aggressive but cheaper than the Z’s or RX-8. Oh well

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