The weird girl from ‘Always Sunny’ can’t possibly be hot… right? (7 Photos)

I posted the photo above in the DAR yesterday. One of the Chivers claimed "My radar tells me (she's) hot as hell." Few believed that statement and for good reason. Turns out Her name is Thesy Surface and she plays the lip-licking, deaf-mute Margaret McPoyle on 'Always Sunny'. It takes 2 hours of makeup to transform this swan into an ugly duckling.

  • js

    When you use a trowel to apply makeup, you can make the hideous gorgeous, and the beautiful repulsive.

  • Dave

    Chive I love the show but never knew. Thank you. You just made the show that much better for me.

  • thetech2

    yup I'd be all over thaqt like whote on rice

    • thetech2

      my spelling sucks but its a snow day and im drunk so fuck it

  • carLito

    no, no, nooooo…..FAIL

  • Bob

    #7 proves she is hot

  • DB3

    shes prob a ver cool chick toooo because not to many girls would do that . u know.? she seems comfortable on her own skin.

  • Noway Jose

    If her eyes were any further apart they would be on the sides of her head.

  • cpt

    not super hot, but here i was all along thinkin it was a dude in drag…

  • Kris

    Hot? I don't think so. Better than her McPoyle character, but not hot.

    BTW, I'd hit it. But my standards are low. I'm okay with that.

  • chawista

    You guys slay me. Like you're ALL THAT.
    For all you guys who say she's not good looking enuf for you…..I say "she wouldn't look at you twice on your best day". Get a freakin grip!

  • nef

    still ugly

  • Billy

    I wouldn't if I had the option.

  • Nucka_Phat

    i'd make love to her, upside down.

  • Tomatso

    Not hideous but still would not hit it. Ok I would, but I would be picturing someone else’s face.
    some of them look airbrushed to the nth as well…

  • NdP

    i swear i thought it was sacha baron cohen.

  • fea9

    Shes got some nice muscle tone. Id take her out to a fancy dinner and bring her flowers.

  • Jim

    I fapped before ill fap again!

  • Tano

    sooo NOT hot!

  • Sugreev2001

    Still not hot…sorry chive.

  • Yeah I said that

    She still has an alien head.

  • northerner

    Nuttin' wrong wid dat! Nice!

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  • David Roberts

    Well I have to say that she is not only gorgous but also has a very sexy English accent too boot. You have got to love a good actress with an accent. Thank you Chive

  • elbruces

    Her eyes are weirdly far apart, but so are Sarde's. I therefore judge this as hawt.

  • John

    theres some shallow guys on here…

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