The weird girl from ‘Always Sunny’ can’t possibly be hot… right? (7 Photos)

I posted the photo above in the DAR yesterday. One of the Chivers claimed "My radar tells me (she's) hot as hell." Few believed that statement and for good reason. Turns out Her name is Thesy Surface and she plays the lip-licking, deaf-mute Margaret McPoyle on 'Always Sunny'. It takes 2 hours of makeup to transform this swan into an ugly duckling.

  • David

    Hot might be a stretch…but "do able"? Sure

  • hMMMM

    It's not gap if she's not trying to touch her legs.

  • WTFisIrvine

    She looks like a young Agnes Moorehead. Still creepy, Derwood. =

  • Anonymous

    still ugly..just in a bikini and tons of makeup

  • Megan

    She has a 5head.

  • Edwordrules

    I KNEW IT!!!

  • ghostinthepines

    Give me a break, most of you guys wouldn't have been able to get her when she looked like a mutant.

  • lfgd1978

    Leave it to Hollywood to hire a cute girl to play one of the ugliest characters in TV. Out there must be a really piss off (unemployed) ugly actress :-/

  • gradaddy

    it looks like her eyebrows are afraid of each other

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