Awesome is a state of mind (26 photos)

  • Random

    #2 & #26 – very awesome indeed

    • Irock

      Thanks for not saying "First"!

      • FIRST!


    • Random

      Quit changing the picture #s !! Or at least bring back the option to edit comments.

      Now should be #3 & #21

      • Anonymous


      • CPO_Mendez

        Chive be trollin


    Where is #19?

    • Rick

      Judging by the Hofbrauhaus glass, I'de say Munich.

    • joe lobo

      i guess thats oktoberfest. this is german beer.

      • Morgan Freeman

        Hoffbrau Haus in Germany I suppose. There is also a HB haus in Newport, KY but it doesn't look like that one as I live down the street from it.

    • Admiral Ackbar

      I have that mug, and am therefore thoroughly impressed by the no-hands chug. Wow.

    • Trent

      The Hofbrau Tent at Oktoberfest. I think I may have saw this but I was extremely wasted. I'm pretty sure I saw about 10 people try to down a stein but failed miserably. Til one big bloke stepped up and slammed it in about 5 seconds.

  • Cranklin

    eh, not bad for a Leo

  • Lil Jon

    #2 – Cameraman needs to pan up… Or pan down… but for chive's sakes, PAN!

  • boob man

    #2, #11, & #26 are beyond awesome….

  • lanto13

    #15 way to represent Canada Red Green!

    • lanto13

      well now is #12

    • beiberhater#1

      ? enogh with the will farrell justin bieber tweet its been done twenty times..
      move on Will ,Bieber is soo yesterday…

  • Sitting Guy

    #3 is absolutely spectacular..genius!


    #4 – Do you come home and tell your wife you had a hard day at work? Then you get slapped!

    • Chris

      Changing a flat on that thing will not be fun.

    • Hedgehog Johnson

      Why doesn't he just buy studded tires?

  • yerp

    lol @ red green

    • neilan

      love that show

      100% CANADIAN

  • Skeet

    #5 Good for them

  • Flicka

    What's with all the repeats lately? Seems all the new streams are half pictures I've seen on thechive four or five times already and I've only been coming here a few months.

    • Ninja dog fart

      Yeah the chive is on repeat lately..kind sucks. Maybe the internets are broken.

    • LEGEND

      theyre probably hungover

      • kami kazzeeeee

        or have a short term memory

        • Wayne Jackson

          or are just coasting off of their ad revenue… commissioning large "theChive" ice sculpures and whatnot.

          • Fishy


  • pjsupremex

    #3 i have officially just taken many zip ties from friend, will be performing this task later.

    • Mutt

      Ya know, since they changed the picture order, this comment brings some odd things to mind!

    • Lisa_Martin

      Zipping a tube to this girl huh? Alrighty then. 🙂 I guess that's better than zipping her to a bike.

      • BloodScrubber

        For her sake, one must assume its long, round and ribbed?

    • Anonymous

      Picture-switch / comment WIN

  • zym

    #11 – Who dis?

    #16 – We have common interests. One is you, the other's your weed. Call me!

    • E-Money

      Taylor Stevens…lets just say she's a classic.

      • E-Money

        *as far as the Internets concerned

      • huh yup

        Nope her name is Casssidy but they are both fat so who cares.


    #9 and #23 = LEGEND

  • Brad

    we've seen most of these pics before…

  • Dan

    #19 – The sad part about this photo is the beach is right there…

  • chrisdg74

    Got whiplash scrolling between #2 and #26.

    • mith

      that was poor placement on part of Chive.

    • chrisdg74

      WTF Chive? Now it's #3 and #21.

  • McBeastie

    #16 It's a cream dream.

    • mith

      Dave's not here man.!

  • MigraineBoy


    Holy Batsign, Batman!

  • Jules

    Hmmm, I’ve seen a lot of these somewhere….oh yeah-HERE!

  • schmeilsson

    #16- would you take the large bag stickey ickey or the hot chick? that's a tough one.

  • crazy2

    #16 My type of a woman

    • Anonymous

      Celine Dion?

      • Roberto Barreiro

        your type of woman is filled with water?

  • LabRat

    Is #9 Hugh Hefner?

  • Popsicle Pete

    #11 Dem Bitches huge!!!

  • Wes Mantooth

    #2 I think I just Jizzed in my pants 😛

    • Anonymous

      Picture-switch / comment FAIL

      • Justin

        LMAO! That's a WIN!

      • Diana Santos

        he saw 6 pussies…^_^

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