Daily Afternoon Randomness (44 Photos)

  • MacNCheese

    #30 I was thinking about sending this in last night as well. I watched that episode too! #37 is just gross but funny, lol!

  • scott

    where did that #44 come from? i need to know!

  • Dazilla

    I see #3 ending horribly, MOAR of #6, I had to stop walk away and catch my breath after laughing so hard at #13, and deffinetly MOAR of #40.

  • Logic76

    #1 That sure don't look like a gerbil to me…

  • John

    #29 – Chive, I don't like it when you guys are mean to people

  • The Spicy Italian

    #8 Man the fuck up you say? How bout you man the fuck up and get yourself a tiger #9

  • bfcknrzl


    Is this real?!?!?!? o.0

  • Rabbit

    #24 awesome

  • (>^_^)>

    #34: Pedobear: Christmas edition.

  • Harv

    #1 would be funnier if it was a gerbil but still hilarious. I would of crashed my car if I saw this driving by.

  • Jules

    #38 is right, in fact maybe she deserves her own post…

  • LVEE


    41 is Castaway's North Ave Beach Chicago, beast beach ever, I'm there all summer long!

  • Joel

    #23 Hero

  • jazzperNL


    fap fap fap


    chewbacca got skillllzzzzz

  • FullBlownStoned

    #24 WTF… #27 LOL.

  • anaughtybear

    For all those insecure cat-haters out there, understand that cats are more like men than dogs are. Dogs are like women. They need attention all the time, make a lot of noise, and never go anywhere alone. Cats, on the other hand, are self-sufficient and never want to talk about shit. You could also consider them the number one predator in the world, since they live everywhere and eat like a thousand types of other animals.



    • one portion of your chive A day

      its a Rudolph

  • mtella88

    #41 How the beep did he do that? :-O

  • Pavi_86

    Please find girl in # 30, same girl as recent hump day #18?????

  • Jon

    Gillian Jacobs people….c'mon….topless in Choke

  • Naz1962

    #42 Who is this asshole? He looks like a goddamned 45 year old douchebag trying to look like a twenty-something wanna-be. Quit dying your hair and comb it! Seriously! Oh, and GTFuuuck off my TV!

  • Nick T

    Isn’t number 30 from Jan 12, 2011 post #18?
    Minute to Win it chick?

  • Dave

    #27 made me lose my coffee!

  • SpRoUsA

    #30 OMG Read my mind. I so wanted to find her after seeing this episode.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=752215224 Tay Cha

    #6… :drool: … she should be shooting Canon thou Hah.

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