I’ll show you my GIF if you show me yours (9 gifs)

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  • P90

    #10 I usually hate the dickheads who interrupt live reports but for some reason this one made me laugh.

    • Twoody

      It's the reporters face that does it for me.

      • Ken

        "Cool under pressure" shouldn't appear on her resume.

  • Peter

    #9 – I know what this is. You're looking for an ass race.

    • Ken

      Dog's Anal glands need expressed….any volunteers?

  • aosux

    You're an idiot. I hope you get caught in a mosh one day.

  • F U Chiveassholes


    metal up your ass

  • + blitzkrieg

    I laughed so hard at #9 that I recieved "that" look in the office. But it was worth it 🙂

  • tsukushi_

    #11 "Guile theme goes with everything (Maury)"
    Watch it.

  • TylerV

    #10 -What's she saying?

  • http://www.facebook.com/Triathlynne Lynne Sandipants

    #10 Absolutely hysterical 🙂 Heheheheh

  • its_forge

    Get the fuck off my stage. I am the performer, you are the audience. If you are on my stage your life is forfeit, I get to do whatever I like because this place is paying me to be on this stage for this period of time and you. Are not. The star. So get the fuck. Off my stage.

    You get up on anybody's stage while they're playing, Iggy Pop, Pete Townshend, Henry Rollins, they will FUCK you UP.

    • XOS

      thats cool…im jus not one to man handle a little girl and push them around as if they were a man..im sure there was a better option for removing her…..

      party on wayne.

      • its_forge

        She wasn't harmed that much, she fell onto the crowd and was surfed away I'm sure… amidst much groping and etcetera, sigh

        • XOS

          well then that would be acceptable

      • moe

        Nah, he should have kicked her it the chest like in 300

        • XOS

          ahha…then she fell in slow motion…..bitches like falling in slow motion.

  • rawnoyz

    why is #7 fappin the little caesars sign?

  • http://www.gleechat.net dianna agron

    head banger guy w/ pizza sign. awesome. thats the way to pass the time.

  • Adam

    #3 laughed for a solid few minutes

  • Always Last


  • Jack

    How can religion "tear" the world "apart"? Arent our governments, leaders and the fleminicysts doing that for us, since they are sowing seeds of discord among us to lie to us about our pastors who arent doing anything wrong, are they?

  • Earl of Sandwich

    When its going to get old in the whirled world for women to stop ridiculing men who stare at them and compliment their breasts, and calling them names, like pervert, creep, jerk, etc. when it's going to stop? Why do women love passing judgement so much on construction workers who whistle at them? Probably why that sexual harassment lie was passed, along with the abortion lie, and if your a druggy or drunk you're a felon is to steal taxpayers money. I was ridiculed wrongfully at sportflex by being insulted by being called a "perverted" freak". Lying to the police should be a crime when no crime was commited.

  • Awnold

    Why do we need "atheists" for what have they really contributed to our world, besides questioning our faith and putting down our religion and ridiculing our bibles by insulting us calling it a book of so-called myths? A lot of people on this machine should repent of their false witness against church leadership, and not call them shysters and scam artists, how would you like it if you were a pastor and people were casting aspersions on you, on the devils tool the internet calling you a con artist, how would you feel? Women today should be saying I'm sorry I should not be putting you down for whistling at me on a sidewalk in the city, just because you are a construction worker.

  • Fred

    Just because men compliment womens asses does not mean they deserve to have the cops called on them.

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